Gigi Douban

Gigi Douban

News Director

Gigi Douban has reported for public radio since 2006. She’s filed stories for WBHM, NPR, Studio 360, and Public Radio International’s The World. Most recently, Gigi reported for Marketplace, bringing the country stories about toxic landfills, debtors prisons, and lighter fare, like why urinals are ubiquitous in public bathrooms, but not in homes. She's also written for Bloomberg News and Runner’s World, and on occasion, actually runs.

Coronavirus Scams Peddling Fake Cures and Work-at-Home Schemes on the Rise

The continued spread of the coronavirus is making people increasingly anxious. That climate of fear opens up an opportunity for online scammers.

Lt. Gov. Ainsworth: ‘We’ve Got to Get This Under Control’

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth wants Alabamians to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Other state leaders don’t seem to share the same urgency.

COVID-19 Repercussions Will Strain Next Fiscal Year’s State Budget

The state budget is sure to take a hit next year. Lawmakers say it’s too early to tell how big it will be.

Fearing Coronavirus Spread, Many Area Schools Close Immediately

As concerns about the spread of coronavirus grow, more schools opt to close immediately.

Gov. Kay Ivey Declares State of Emergency Due to Coronavirus

Alabama schools will close and a second coronavirus case is confirmed — this one in Jefferson County.

The Big Q: Coronavirus in Alabama. What do I need to know?

Experts answer your questions about coronavirus in Alabama.

Universities Prepare for COVID-19 Ahead of Spring Break

Samford and UAB are taking precautions in the event coronavirus spreads. There are currently no confirmed cases of the disease in Alabama.

State Health Department Offers COVID-19 Testing

Alabama’s state health agency now has the capability to test for COVID-19. They’ll no longer have to send samples to the CDC for testing.

Legislative Wrap-up: Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Yoga, Banning Gender Therapies

State lawmakers this week considered bills around yoga, guns, and gender therapy for minors.

Alabama Ban on Gender Therapies Moves Forward

Doctors would not be allowed to administer gender therapies to youth, according to a bill moving forward in the Alabama Legislature. Opponents say the bill is fear mongering.