Sponsorship Guidelines


Underwriting announcements are public radio’s version of advertising; they acknowledge support for our station. Sponsors should keep in mind that the non-commercial nature of public radio is highly valued by listeners, and the FCC has established certain guidelines.

Underwriting announcements are 15 seconds (approximately 25 words) and may include:

  • Name of business/organization providing underwriting support
  • Brief description of sponsor’s products and/or services
  • Location and web address of business/organization
  • Event dates and locations

Announcements may NOT include:

  • Promotional, comparative or qualitative language (best, most reliable, etc)
  • A call to action (“come to this event,” “call now,” “visit our website”)
  • Price or value information, e.g., $59.95
  • An inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease (“year-end sale”)
  • Personal pronouns (I, me, our)
  • A list containing more than three items
  • Language that expresses a view with respect to a matter of public interest

* All scripts must be approved by WBHM and the client at least 2 business days before their scheduled starting date.

Sample Announcements

Together with our listeners, support comes from:

“The Law Firm of Vowell and Associates, providing mediation, arbitration, and private judging. Information for Scott Vowell and Alex Goldsmith available online at Vowell Goldsmith dot com.”

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, providing health and dental coverage to companies and individuals throughout Alabama. Online at Alabama Blue dot com.”

“Aero Joe Pilates, Birmingham’s classical studio teaching all levels from athletes to those in need of post-surgical rehabilitation. Gift cards available at Aero Joe Pilates dot com.”