We want to hear from you: District 2 in Alabama


Darnell Perry leaves his polling location after voting in the Alabama primary election on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at Legion Field Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama.

Rasha McChesney, Gulf States Newsroom

Last year, federal judges created a new congressional map for Alabama, giving way for Black voters to feel adequately represented in the United States congressional elections. For years, voters in Alabama have felt neglected by their elected officials, struggling under the weight of failing hospital systems, inflation and systemic issues as a result of poverty.

With America Amplified, the Gulf States Newsroom will dive into stories out of this new district, from environmental concerns to food insecurity and health care disparities. We believe it’s important to hear from people who are invested in their communities and who worry about the future of Alabama as we enter a pivotal election year. 

We’ll be sure to read every submission we receive and hopefully answer any questions you may have about your community through our reporting. 

So, drop a line, or fill out the form below with any concerns or comments you may have about District 2. Be sure to let us know where you’re from, and we’ll do our best to report to you. 


What is the Gulf States Newsroom?

The Gulf States Newsroom is a public radio collaborative between news stations in Alabama (WBHM), Mississippi (Mississippi Public Broadcasting), and Louisiana (WWNO and WRKF). Our team of reporters is spread across the Gulf South, and our coverage beats include economic mobility, environmental justice, and health and equity. These stories can be found online here. You can also follow us on Instagram

What is our goal with our 2024 election coverage?

We want to reach Alabamians who live in Central Alabama in the newly formed District 2. Our stories will examine barriers to voting access. We’ll be following the unusually high number of candidates who are now running in that district, as well as groups who will be engaging voters.

What sets us apart from other outlets in our election coverage?

We will focus on people-forward stories – meaning we won’t just rely on the candidates’ voices and sound bites to guide our coverage, instead we’ll focus on the issues voters tell us they care about. 

Who is Maya Miller, Community Engagement Reporter?

Maya Miller is a Mississippi native who loves being from the South. She’s written about juvenile justice, reproductive health and communities devastated by natural disasters. She can be found online on X at @MayaLMiller, or on Instagram at @bymayalmiller. Send her story tips or comments at [email protected].

How can I reach the Gulf States Newsroom?

Story tips, comments or questions about our coverage can be emailed to [email protected]

How can the Gulf States Newsroom reach me?

Subscribe to our free text alerts to keep up with the latest stories, ask reporters questions about the region, and tell us what stories you’d like covered: https://joinsubtext.com/gulfstatesnewsroom

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