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Too many local news outlets have disappeared in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. The Gulf States Newsroom was created to ensure that stories related to health care, criminal justice, the economy and other important issues continue to be told. WWNO and WRKF in Louisiana, WBHM in Alabama, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and NPR are working together as a regional newsroom to plan coverage, share resources and add reporting power in a story-rich region that has for too long gone under-covered.

The Regional Team: 

Priska Neely, managing editor based at WBHM in Birmingham

Rashah McChesney, senior content editor based at WBHM in Birmingham

Orlando Flores Jr., digital editor based at WWNO in New Orleans

Stephan Bisaha, senior reporter covering wealth and poverty based at WBHM in Birmingham

Kat Stromquist, senior reporter covering justice, incarceration and gun violence based at WWNO in New Orleans

Joseph King, sports and culture reporting fellow based at WBHM in Birmingham

Drew Hawkins, health equity reporter based at WWNO in New Orleans

Danny McArthur, environmental justice reporter based at Mississippi Public Broadcasting in Jackson

Maya Miller, community engagement reporter based in Jackson

WBHM News Team | WWNO News Team | MPB News Team

Funding for the Gulf States Newsroom is provided in part by NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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