Crawfish prices are finally dropping, but farmers and fishers are still struggling

Last year’s devastating drought in Louisiana killed off large crops of crawfish, leading to a tough season for farmers, fishers and seafood lovers.

Inflation is slowing, unless you’re ‘makin’ groceries’ for New Orleans gumbo. Here’s why

With a variety of ingredients from across the region, making a pot of gumbo can illustrate a lot of the ways inflation impacts the average grocery shopper.

The 2023 moments that will stick with us: Reflections from the Gulf States Newsroom

Our regional reporters reflect on delightful, discarded moments they had in the field as they covered stories across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Place, Erased: A virtual listening session with the Gulf States Newsroom; watch replay

Watch a replay of the Gulf States Newsroom's listening session for its recent series about towns transformed by major environmental shifts.

Place, Erased: A look at Gulf South communities transformed by forces beyond their control

Reporters Danny McArthur and Drew Hawkins traveled across the Gulf South to tell the stories of three towns erased by major environmental shifts.

Book bans are on the rise in the Gulf South. Here’s what’s being challenged in Alabama

Efforts to ban books believed to be inappropriate for children and teens have seen a sharp uptick recently, but some libraries and bookstores are fighting back.

Birmingham residents reflect on 60th anniversary of church bombing

We spoke with several residents on Friday, asking for their reflections on the 60th anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

Few bid after U.S. opens first-ever offshore wind leases in the Gulf of Mexico

The entire Gulf of Mexico wind lease sale has the potential to produce 3.7 gigawatts of renewable energy, enough to power 1.3 million homes.

New mapping tool gives county-by-county breakdown of air pollution

Earlier this month, a researcher debuted a new tool that maps pollution in Mississippi and Louisiana. Some environmental groups are already using it. 

Senior Reporter — Justice, Incarceration and Gun Violence: Gulf States Newsroom

The Gulf States Newsroom is hiring a journalist to report stories about the impacts of the criminal legal system on our local communities.

WATCH: A discussion on what’s behind the spread of dollar stores with the Gulf States Newsroom

Watch a replay of the Gulf States Newsroom's virtual listening session and discussion on Stephan Bisaha's series on The Dollar Store Takeover.

The Dollar Store Takeover: A Virtual Listening Session and Conversation

The Gulf States Newsroom will host a listening session and conversation on Stephan Bisaha's four-part audio series examining the spread of dollar stores.

Alabama student finds home in the comfort of her mind

Jameia Boone grew up in a home of structure and stability in Mississippi, but that all changed once she moved to Troy, Alabama, for college.

Through social clubs and education, Birmingham woman creates community

Delena Chappel works to extend a sense of community to her students and other Black women.

 A year after the loss of Roe v. Wade, Gulf South residents reflect on abortion rights

The Gulf States Newsroom asked Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi residents when they realized things had changed after the ruling. Here's what they said.

Tell us your story about reproductive health care in the Gulf South

When it comes to reproductive health care, at what point did you realize things have changed since Roe v. Wade was overturned?

An Alabama program helps residents stormproof their homes. Louisiana wants to copy it

Strengthen Alabama Homes gives residents up to $10,000 to retrofit homes to the FORTIFIED standard. Other states see it as a model for their own insurance woes.

WATCH: A conversation on the experiences of Cameroonians in immigration detention with the Gulf States Newsroom

Watch a replay of the Gulf States Newsroom's virtual listening session for Bobbi-Jeanne Misick's series on the experiences of Cameroonian asylum seekers.

The imbalanced scales of immigration justice: A listening session and conversation

The Gulf States Newsroom and Type Investigations will host a listening session and conversation on Bobbi-Jeanne Misick’s three-part audio series.

In Rolling Fork, a congregation comes together to save a century-old church

After a deadly EF-4 tornado, a Mississippi town finds hope in the hands of volunteers.

‘We’re going to help them’: How Mississippians are banding together after a devastating tornado

Officials, aid organizations and volunteers sprung into action on Saturday to help Mississippi begin rebuilding in the aftermath of a powerful tornado.

Public transit in the Gulf South is in need of an overhaul. The solution could lie in the past

The Gulf South is not known for its great public transit systems. Some believe Bus Rapid Transit could solve lingering issues and lead to a better future.

The real winner of Super Bowl 57? The Gulf South and its wide range of football talent

The big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will feature nearly 30 players from Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi combined.

The 2022 moments that will stick with us: Reflections from the Gulf States Newsroom

Our regional reporters reflect on delightful, discarded moments they had in the field as they covered stories across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

3 key reasons why ESPN chose Jackson State’s rivalry with Southern for College GameDay

An ESPN producer called JSU’s rise one of college football's biggest stories. Here are three key elements that make Saturday’s rivalry game worth highlighting.

Fed up with Jackson’s water system, this Mississippi suburb wants to create its own

Experts say merging water systems can help with the high cost of maintenance. But Byam, Mississippi — fed up with Jackson’s water crisis — wants to go it alone.

These 3 Black moms receive a ‘guaranteed income.’ Here’s what they’re doing with it.

As payments roll in, guaranteed income recipients in Southern states reflect on what it means for their lives.

After launching in Atlanta, rural Georgia is the next stop for this guaranteed income pilot

In Her Hands, a guaranteed income initiative for women, is launching soon in Cuthbert, Georgia and its surrounding counties. Here’s how it’s coming together.

From pig ears to vegan food, Jackson’s oldest Black business district finds new life

For years, Farish Street has been viewed as a failed business district. But Black business owners are working to shift the narrative of the historic street.

Privacy researcher worries about a ‘scenario where everyone is a sheriff’ post-Roe

As the U.S. moves toward a post-Roe world, our digital world will need to change with it. A cybersecurity researcher explains why for the Click Here podcast.

What does a successful guaranteed income program look like? Jackson might have the answer

A successful guaranteed income program in Jackson, Mississippi could offer insights to cities in Alabama and Louisiana as they launch their own pilots.

Guaranteed income is coming to the Gulf South. Take a look at the 3 programs

Guaranteed income programs are coming to three cities in the Gulf South including Birmingham, which is set to launch soon.