Tanya Ott

Tanya Ott was WBHM's news director for ten years. She's currently vice president of radio for Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta.

Jefferson County Bankruptcy Round-Up

After multiple corruption trials, years of hand wringing and intense negotiations with creditors, Jefferson County has been cleared to exit municipal bankruptcy The $4.2 billion bankruptcy was the largest in U.S. history until Detroit’s filing earlier this year. This is the collection of WBHM’s stories to date.

John Archibald

In his column this week, John Archibald of the Birmingham News and AL.COM writes that the Jefferson County Courthouse has more drama than CSI, but that the best drama is not in the courtroom but in County Commission Chambers.

John Archibald: Unrest at the Jefferson County Commission

There’s a lot of unrest in the Jefferson County Commission these days. The commission forced out its top attorney, then convinced a state Supreme Court justice to take the job. But then, he promptly withdraws.

1963 Church Bombing Seeks Compensation

The lone survivor of a 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four black girls is seeking millions of dollars in compensation and says she will not accept a top congressional award to honor the victims.

John Archibald: Why Jeffco Is Paying Attorney $393K To Do Nothing

Jefferson County spends many millions of dollars a year on legal fees. From the $4.2 billion bankruptcy case to challenges to the county’s occupational tax, Jeffco pays a lot for the lawyers is employs. But this week it put the top in-house attorney on paid leave.

Commissioners Question Decision on County Attorney Jeff Sewell

Several Jefferson County commissioners say they still don’t know why commission president David Carrington decided to place county attorney Jeff Sewell on paid administrative leave.

Common Core, Part 2: Implementation a Challenge

By 2016, students in 45 states and the District of Columbia will be learning the same things, at the same time, under the same set of standards. But it won’t be easy to implement the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Remembering Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert has joined his friend Gene Siskel in the balcony in the sky, and according to WBHM blogger Billy Ray Brewton film criticism has died along with him.

Old Questions about Airport Death and New Questions about Auburn Football

It’s been almost two weeks since a flight information display tipped over at Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport, killing a boy and injuring his family members. There are still many unanswered questions about the incident and new questions about possible NCAA violations in Auburn University’s football program.

John Archibald: Still Too Many Questions About Airport Tragedy

It’s been nearly a week since a large airport sign fell on a Kansas family traveling through Birmingham, killing a ten year old boy and injuring his mother and brothers. Since the accident there have been a lot of questions about why it happened, who is responsible and how authorities are responding.