IVF could help her start the family she wants. Will Alabama’s personhood law derail it?

Despite a law meant to protect IVF in Alabama, patients and advocates worry the protections won’t hold — and warn of future attacks on reproductive rights.

A South Asian krewe in New Orleans wants to ‘put the masala in Mardi Gras’

Krewe da Bhan Gras has been a hit on the parade route this Carnival season as the latest example of Mardi Gras’ diverse, inclusive nature and its evolution.

Opioid overdoses are on the rise. A Louisiana medical student believes Narcan training can help

Losing his brother to an overdose inspired Jacob Bassin to arm his fellow medical students with free doses of Narcan and train them on how to use it.

This New Orleans restaurant made it through the pandemic. Can it survive water billing issues?

Plume Algiers is a mom-and-pop Indian restaurant that overcame every obstacle to open in New Orleans. Now, water billing issues could put them out of business.

LGBTQ doctors are leaving the Gulf South due to discrimination: ‘We weren’t welcome anymore’

The loss of specialized doctors due to the influx of anti-LGBTQ laws is the latest blow to a region already dealing with a shortage of health care providers.

Place, Erased: The fight for the remains of a Louisiana town

Toxic pollution forced a small, Black community in Louisiana to relocate. Now, chemical companies say they own its final remnant — the town’s cemetery.

Q&A: Why New Orleans’ unhoused people face increased danger from relentless heat

Delaney Nolan discusses her report for The Guardian that revealed a spike in heat-related illness calls among New Orleans’ unhoused people this summer.

A ‘catastrophic’ loss: Severe heat puts a heavy strain on rural farmers in the Gulf South

For one family of farmers in Louisiana, this year’s record-breaking extreme heat is taking a toll on both their crops and their health.

In fight to remove divisive New Orleans highway, activists turn to new strategy — an EPA study

The Claiborne Avenue Alliance hopes a study on the health impacts caused by the expressway will support efforts to remediate and potentially remove the highway.

A campaign aims to bridge the breastfeeding gap for Black mothers in the Gulf South

Despite its well-documented advantages, many regions in the US — especially in the South — continue to grapple with low breastfeeding rates. States like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana have some of the the lowest rates in the country. 

7 cases of tuberculosis found in 4 Alabama chicken processing plants

Alabama state health officials are asking workers in the region’s poultry industry and their close contacts to get screened for TB after the outbreak.

As infertility rates rise, data shows much of the US lives in a ‘fertility desert’

Factors like the cost of treatment, the location of clinics and a lack of specialized doctors have contributed to the lack of care across the country.

Residents near Louisiana Dow plant are skeptical after explosion: ‘You can’t trust them’

Dow Chemical says the air quality at a plant in Louisiana is safe following a July 14 explosion, but nearby residents remain skeptical based on past incidents.

New CDC report finds ‘significant increase’ in children diagnosed with developmental disorders

While the results showing an increase in rates may seem alarming, researchers say it could be a sign of better access to mental health services.

As ‘overwhelming’ heat dome settles over the Gulf South, unhoused residents seek refuge

The Fourth of July holiday brought sweltering temperatures to the Gulf South. Here’s how some of the people most vulnerable to the heat are dealing with it.

‘Kids will end their lives’: Anti-trans legislation is impacting mental health in the Gulf South

As book bans and legislation pile up, a Louisiana trans teen describes the mental toll it’s taking on him and highlights the importance of support systems.