Dan Carsen

Dan Carsen


Dan Carsen is our health and science reporter. He’s been a science teacher, a teacher trainer, a newspaper reporter, a radio commentator, and an editor at an educational publishing house. His writing and reporting have won numerous regional and national awards. His outside interests include basketball, sailing, percussion, raptors, and seeking REM brainwaves.

Greg Mortenson Interview

Bestselling author and internationally recognized education advocate Greg Mortenson speaks with WBHM’s Dan Carsen about issues facing education in the South, including teacher pay and tenure.

The Parable of Grog and Zog

A national group representing atheists and agnostics is calling on the Birmingham City Council to stop beginning its weekly meetings with a prayer. The Freedom from Religion Foundation says the prayers are specifically protestant Christian in theme and they step over the church-state line. The debate has commentator Dan Carsen thinking about the Parable of Grog and Zog.

Pop Goes the Liberal

Hey, did you hear the one about the pro-gun-control northern liberal who walked into a gun shop and shooting range in Alabama? You’re about to.

Not Knowing Does Hurt: Dan Carsen on Science

What do Alvin the Chipmunk, pretzels, and the Internet have in common? Believe it or not, WBHM commentator Dan Carsen (who may soon become a dolphin) sees a disturbing pattern here.

Considering Faith: Dan Carsen’s Perspective

Moving to Alabama earlier this year was an adjustment for commentator Dan Carsen. And one of the bigger issues he’s had to tackle is religion.

Dan Carsen’s Bug Lesson

Sometimes instinct isn’t a good substitute for knowledge. Commentator and neophyte gardener Dan Carsen recently learned a lesson about biting the bug that feeds you.