Dan Carsen

Dan Carsen


Dan Carsen is our health and science reporter. He’s been a science teacher, a teacher trainer, a newspaper reporter, a radio commentator, and an editor at an educational publishing house. His writing and reporting have won numerous regional and national awards. His outside interests include basketball, sailing, percussion, raptors, and seeking REM brainwaves.

Rural Hospitals Struggle, but Wilcox County’s Could Survive

Most rural hospitals in Alabama are operating at a financial loss. Since 2010, a half-dozen have closed, one of the highest closure rates in the nation. But as it turns out, a tiny hospital in the state’s poorest county could buck the trend.

Alabama Schools Chief Michael Sentance Resigns

After one year on the job, State Superintendent of Education Michael Sentance abruptly resigned Wednesday. His contract had been on the agenda for the State Board of Education meeting scheduled for the following day.

Some Irma Evacuees Remain at Talladega Superspeedway

Though most of nearly 200 Irma evacuees from Florida have left Talladega Superspeedway, there are still roughly 60 people in recreational vehicles there.

Why I Support WBHM: Christina Ochsenbauer

Dr. Christina Ochsenbauer says, “I’m originally from Germany and now I live in Homewood, for the past 20 years. I discovered WBHM when I came here from Europe, and I like to listen to it because it provides the in-depth coverage of national and world news that I was used to from home. I couldn’t […]

Why I Support WBHM: John Kappes

Dr. John Kappes says, “I’m originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I’ve been in Birmingham for 30 years. I used to drive down 280, and there were a lot of choices up and down the radio. And it just came to be that I listened to a radio station, WBHM, supported and based here […]

Why I Support WBHM: Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones grew up in Hoover but he travels the world regularly, and he says, “I work a lot outside of Alabama … I’ve had to go to different places throughout the South and across the country, and really around the world. And one of the things that WBHM gives me is it gives me […]

Why I Support WBHM: Catherine Mayo

Catherine Mayo of Birmingham says, “I have three children, six, eight, and nine. I turn WBHM on around seven o’clock in the morning and it’s usually still playing until seven at night. Because WBHM is playing throughout our house all day, a lot of conversations are sparked that we normally would not have. And it […]

Environmental Group Warns of Coal Ash Contamination

Alabama Power recently released coal ash inundation maps, meant to show areas that would be affected if dams around coal-ash storage ponds were to breach. The utility says that’s never happened and there’s no imminent danger. But a local environmental group disagrees.

High Technology Could Solve Solar Mysteries During Eclipse

Cutting-edge imaging technology from a Birmingham nonprofit could take advantage of the August 21 eclipse to solve solar mysteries. The telescopic camera system will fly almost 10 miles high on two revamped bombers that tag-team as they chase the moon’s shadow.

Doug Jones Wins Democratic Senate Primary

Former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones will be the Democratic candidate in the race for Jeff Sessions’ former seat in the U.S. Senate. Jones was declared the winner of Tuesday’s primary election, with most districts reporting in by around 9 p.m.