Dan Carsen

Dan Carsen


Dan Carsen is our health and science reporter. He’s been a science teacher, a teacher trainer, a newspaper reporter, a radio commentator, and an editor at an educational publishing house. His writing and reporting have won numerous regional and national awards. His outside interests include basketball, sailing, percussion, raptors, and seeking REM brainwaves.

Bleached Creek Highlights ADEM Shortfalls, Say Critics

Alabama has some of the most ecologically rich waters in the world. But the agency tasked with monitoring them gets less funding per resident than in any other state. Some complain the Alabama Department of Environmental Management is not doing its job. They point to a contaminated creek in Shelby County as on example.

High School Students Track Real Cybercriminals at UAB

What do fake NBA jerseys, black-market pills, and other people’s bank data have in common? They’re all available through cybercrime, and they’ve all been tracked by high school students at a weeklong camp at UAB.

Climate Change Analysis Predicts Losses for South

Scientists and economists have put together a detailed analysis of potential economic damage from climate change. One takeaway: Alabama and the rest of the South could suffer more than other parts of the country.

The Ripple Effect When a Giant Iceberg Breaks Away From Antarctica

This week, scientists watched an iceberg the size of Delaware break away from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf. The mass of ice that broke off weighs about a trillion tons. It’ll eventually melt, but as UAB polar biologist and Antarctic explorer Jim McClintock tells WBHM’s Dan Carsen, there are some long-term concerns.

Series Takes On Alabama’s Racial Achievement Gap

African-American students in Alabama tend not to perform as well on standardized tests as their white counterparts. That’s part of the so-called “achievement gap,” one of the most persistent and touchiest issues in education. But a new data-driven series by Al.com, journalism nonprofit Spaceship Media, and teachers from across Alabama aims to explore and find solutions to those disparities.

To Prescribe or Not to Prescribe? Opioid Crisis Presents Ethical Dilemma

Deaths from prescription opioids have more than quadrupled since 1999. So today, doctors trying to treat pain face a dilemma: to prescribe, or not to prescribe. To understand the quandary, WBHM’s Dan Carsen checks in with two leading specialists who’ve agreed to disagree.

Marchers Urge Birmingham to Become Sanctuary City

Immigrant advocates and residents marched in downtown Birmingham Saturday from Kelly Ingram Park to City Hall. They want Birmingham to become a “sanctuary city” – one that does not use city resources to carry out federal immigration enforcement.

Medicaid Cuts Could Hit Alabama Seniors Hard

The U.S. Senate has delayed a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. As of now, the proposed new bill would result in deep cuts to Medicaid. But a recent report says Alabama is one of seven states where rural seniors rely more on Medicaid for their health care than they do in most other places.

New National Report Critical of School Secession in Alabama

A report out Wednesday says Alabama is at the forefront of a trend: school systems breaking away to form separate districts. According to the report from the national advocacy group EdBuild, almost a quarter of the nation’s school district breakaways since 2000 have happened in Alabama.

Get ‘Em Now: Local Peach Shortage Looms

If you love local peaches, the kind you see at roadside stands and farmers markets in Alabama, stock up now. There’s almost certainly going to be a significant dip in supply.