Andrew Yeager

Managing Editor

It was probably inevitable that Andrew Yeager would end up working in public radio. The son of two teachers, NPR News programs often formed the backdrop to car rides growing up. And it was probably inevitable that Andrew would end up in news after discovering the record button on his tape recorder. He still remembers his first attempted interview - his uncooperative 2-year-old sister.

Originally from east central Indiana, Andrew earned degrees in broadcasting and political science from Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. While there he spent more than his fair share of time at WOBN, the student-run radio station. After college Andrew worked for an educational non-profit and volunteered at WMUB in Oxford, Ohio. He ventured into public radio full-time as a reporter for WNIN in Evansville, Ind. Besides covering an array of local stories, Andrew's work has been heard on many public radio programs.

Andrew lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham. When not consumed by public radio work, he's often picking up items strewn about the house by said children, reading or heading out on a bike ride when not enveloped by the Alabama heat.

Former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford, 72, Dies

One of Birmingham’s most colorful and memorable mayors died Tuesday. Larry Langford, 72, died Tuesday evening at a Birmingham hospital.

Gun Violence Through the Eyes of a Trauma Surgeon

The recent shooting at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover has renewed attention on the issue of gun violence. Dr. Jeff Kerby, head of trauma services at UAB, says to curb gun-related deaths and injuries, health officials must have a seat at the table.

Bradford Funeral a Celebration and Call to Action

Mourners in Birmingham Saturday remembered a young black man who was killed by police at a Hoover mall Thanksgiving night. The funeral was part celebration and part call to action.

Expert: Active Shooter Situations Can Easily Confuse Police

Active shooter incidents can be difficult for police officers. Events unfold in seconds and often end tragically. In Hoover on Thanksgiving night at the Riverchase Galleria, police shot and killed 21-year-old Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr. Initially, they said he was the gunman in a shooting that left two wounded. They then backtracked and said the real gunman is still at large. Police responding to such situations can find themselves in the midst of chaos.

A Flu Shot, a Letter and an Unexpected Response

Every fall, doctors beg the public to get a flu shot. It might not be a big deal to an adult, but for a kid, that needle can be intimidating. WBHM’s Andrew Yeager recently found the story of a girl, a vaccine, a letter and an unexpected response.

Democrats Angered at Lack of State Party Support

Democrats across the country took the House and flipped several governorships during the midterms. It was a different story in Alabama. Democrats here lost every statewide race, and they lost five statehouse seats to Republicans. Recent news reports say the Alabama Democratic Party sat on hundreds of thousands of dollars -- money candidates say could have been used toward their campaigns. Many Alabama Democratic candidates blame their poor performance on the lack of support from the state Party.

Republicans Maintain Firm Control After Alabama Midterms

Republicans left no doubt about their dominance of Alabama politics Tuesday. Republican incumbent Governor Kay Ivey turned back a challenge from Democrat Walt Maddox. The Republicans kept all statewide offices and won all contested congressional races in Alabama.

Alabama GOP Still Dominant Despite Challenges from Democrats

Democrats hoped to make inroads in Republican-dominated Alabama during Tuesday's midterm election. They were riding high after electing Doug Jones to the Senate in a special election in December. That enthusiasm did not translate into victory as Republicans maintained all statewide offices and all contested congressional seats.

Alabama’s Sole Congressional Democrat Sees Opportunity in House Victory

Of all the congressional candidates in Alabama Tuesday, only one was guaranteed to win. Democratic Representative Terri Sewell faced no opposition as she reclaimed the seventh district seat. But for the first time in her congressional career, Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives. Rep. Sewell says Democrats will be able work with Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Ivey Won’t Debate Maddox. Do Voters Care?

Political debates can be fiery and emotional. They can reveal a lot about a candidate, including how he or she acts under pressure. And they've become an issue in the Alabama governor’s race.

Ten Commandments and Abortion Amendments Could Spur Legal Challenges

Two statewide amendments on the November ballot have already generated debate among legal scholars. One involves the public display of the Ten Commandments. That's the same issue that led to the removal of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore from the bench in 2003. The other amendment deals with abortion. Approval of these measures could potentially set the stage for future legal challenges.

Birmingham Author’s Book Hits the Big Screen

A new thriller opens in theaters today. It’s about an American submarine captain on the hunt for a U.S. submarine in distress. The film “Hunter Killer” features some big names including Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman. It was adapted from a novel co-written by Birmingham author Don Keith.

Birmingham Poet uses a “House” to Explore her Personal Loss

Five years ago, Birmingham poet Emma Bolden faced an excruciating decision. She was 33. She wasn’t married and had no children, but she was considering a hysterectomy because of decades of health issues. That decision and the subsequent surgery became a theme for her latest collection of poems called “House is an Enigma.”

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama? It’s Complicated.

People seeking an alternative to pain medications or anti-anxiety drugs are increasingly turning to CBD oil. Some athletes even claim it helps with post-workout recovery. Studies have shown it curbs severe epilepsy. Those array of claims have made it easier to find CBD products in Alabama. But there’s just one problem: CBD is derived from marijuana.

Judge Bob Vance Makes Second Run for State’s Top Judicial Seat

Judge Bob Vance has been on the bench in Jefferson County since 2002. This year he’s trying for a second time to become the head of Alabama’s court system. Vance is the Democratic nominee for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Birmingham Pursues Two Federal Agencies to Fill Downtown Building

The City of Birmingham hopes the federal government will move two agriculture agencies to Birmingham and fill downtown office space that's been vacant since 2010.

A New Play Explores Race Through A 1951 Birmingham Basketball Court

The play "Separate and Equal" by University of Alabama Professor Seth Panitch centers on a hypothetical basketball game between black and white teens in 1951 Birmingham -- a game that would have been illegal.

$25 Million Alabama Futures Fund: ‘This state is open for business for startups.’

The new $25 million dollar Alabama Futures Fund will try to attract and grow promising startups in Alabama.

Alabama Seeks Comment on Plans to Add Medicaid Work Requirement

Alabama wants to require some Medicaid recipients to work if they want healthcare coverage. The public has until Thursday to comment on the plan.

UAB Study Finds CBD Oil Helps Epilepsy Patients

Researchers at UAB published a study this month that offers hope to those dealing with severe epilepsy. It found cannabidiol or CBD oil helps curb seizures. The substance is derived from marijuana although it doesn’t have hallucinogenic properties.

UAB Opens New Business School Building

UAB's business school has a new home. Officials cut the ribbon Friday in the new Collat School of Business building.

Sidewalk Film Festival Returns for its 20th Year

The 20th Sidewalk Film Festival opens Friday in downtown Birmingham. A look back at the early years from someone who helped get it off the ground.

Connecting With Seniors One Phone Call At A Time

At the Senior Talk Line in Birmingham, volunteers call seniors just to chat. It's an effort to fight loneliness and connect with people who may have few others to connect with.

Birmingham Student Wins National Poetry Award

Alabama School of Fine Arts senior Daniel Blokh was named a National Student Poet earlier this month. He's one of five students in the country to win the honor.

Uncovering Elder Financial Abuse? It’s Tricky.

The elderly can be easy targets for financial abuse. First, they might have money saved from a lifetime of working. Plus they might not be as alert to scams or people taking advantage of them. Banks and other financial institutions can sometimes spot potential problems early. That’s just the beginning of what can be a sticky issue.

Promoting Humanities in a Math and Science World

Listen to Alabama politicians talk about education and you’ll hear about workforce development. They say schools should focus on math and science to help industry grow. There’s less emphasis on music or literature. That concerns John Parrish Peede. The Mississippi native became chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities earlier this year.

Panel: School Resource Officers are Primary Way to Combat School Shootings

A panel of school superintendents and others discussed Tuesday how to respond to active shooter situations.

Bribery Trial Guilty Verdict Sends Message Through Alabama Politics

Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald reacts to the bribery conviction of a Birmingham attorney and a coal company executive saying it sends a message to those who believe this is business as usual.

Birmingham Attorney, Coal Executive Found Guilty of Bribing State Lawmaker

An attorney with Birmingham firm Balch & Bingham and an executive with coal company Drummond have been convicted of bribing a state lawmaker to stop expansion of an environmental cleanup site around north Birmingham.

Etowah County Sheriff Accused of Sex with Underage Girls

An Alabama woman says she had sex with Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin four times in 1992, when she was 15 and he was 29. The incidents allegedly took place at drug-fueled parties the sheriff hosted. Entrekin denies the allegations.

Federal Bribery Trial Digs into Lobbying Around Birmingham Superfund Site

The prosecution has rested its case in the federal corruption trial of two Birmingham attorneys and a coal company vice president. The question is whether they bribed a state lawmaker to fight efforts to clean up a polluted Birmingham neighborhood.

Report: Alabama Children Improve on Health, Family Measures

An annual survey of child well-being found Alabama continues to improve.