Andrew Yeager

Managing Editor

It was probably inevitable that Andrew Yeager would end up working in public radio. The son of two teachers, NPR News programs often formed the backdrop to car rides growing up. And it was probably inevitable that Andrew would end up in news after discovering the record button on his tape recorder. He still remembers his first attempted interview - his uncooperative 2-year-old sister.

Originally from east central Indiana, Andrew earned degrees in broadcasting and political science from Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. While there he spent more than his fair share of time at WOBN, the student-run radio station. After college Andrew worked for an educational non-profit and volunteered at WMUB in Oxford, Ohio. He ventured into public radio full-time as a reporter for WNIN in Evansville, Ind. Besides covering an array of local stories, Andrew's work has been heard on many public radio programs.

Andrew lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham. When not consumed by public radio work, he's often picking up items strewn about the house by said children, reading or heading out on a bike ride when not enveloped by the Alabama heat.

How History Can Heal

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State Auditor’s Book Part of Emerging Race for Governor

Alabama state auditor Jim Zeigler has self-published book about his fictitious governorship. Alabama Media Group columnist says despite Zeigler's claim otherwise, it's a campaign announcement.

Birmingham’s Airport Lands in the Middle of the Pack in New Rankings

Birmingham's airport is in the middle in a new ranking of American airports.

Political Shock Waves Still Reverberate a Year into the Bentley Scandal

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Birmingham Water Works Pension Loses Millions in Fraud Scheme

The Birmingham Water Works pension fund lost more than $4 million in what’s described as a “Ponzi-style” scheme. The scheme spans from New York financial types to an Indian tribe in South Dakota to the Cayman Islands.

Who Benefits in Repealing Sales Tax on Groceries?

Proponents says exempting groceries from state sales tax would help low-income families and spur the economy. Those predictions could be optimistic.

Regions Part of an Industry Rethink of the Bank Branch

Online banking haven't made the bank branch obsolete, but banks are rethinking how they use their brick-and-mortar locations.

Transcript Puts Indicted JeffCo District Attorney in a Tight Spot

Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald discusses a transcript from the case that led to a perjury charge against Jefferson County's suspended district attorney Charles Todd Henderson.

Business Groups Oppose Alabama’s Bathroom Bill

Alabama business groups are concerned if a so-called bathroom bill passes in Alabama, the state could suffer the same economic hit as North Carolina. That state suffered boycotts and major sporting events left after a similar bill was enacted there.

Trump Supporters Rally in Hoover

Backers of President Donald Trump gathered in Hoover Saturday, part of a day of marches and rallies across the country to express public support for the president.

A TV Meteorologist Like No Other

Weld reporter Cody Owens discusses his story on Birmingham TV meteorologist James Spann. Spann has amassed a notable social media presence and personal brand turning him into something of a celebrity.

Changes To How Banks Pay Taxes In Alabama

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Alabama, the Second Amendment and Reason

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Birmingham’s New Downtown Publix Attracts Residents Beyond the City Center

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As $800 Million Prison Plan Returns This Session, Some Lawmakers Are Skeptical

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