Family of Emantic Bradford Jr. Renews Calls for Transparency

Andrew Yeager, WBHM

The family of a man killed by police in a Thanksgiving mall shooting wants authorities to release all video footage and the officer’s name involved in the shooting.

The family of Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr. made the joint request with the ACLU of Alabama and the Alabama NAACP at a press conference Monday in Montgomery.

The organizations say Attorney General Steve Marshall has 10 days to respond to the request, which comes two weeks after Marshall’s report clearing the officer in the shooting.

Bradford’s father, Emantic Bradford Sr., says he won’t stop until justice is served.

“This is not going nowhere. I’m not that type of father,” Bradford says. “Number one you need to release this guys’s name. We know who he is, all you have to do is release it. If you don’t, we will. You got 10 days.”

The family’s attorney says if the requests are not fulfilled in time, they will take legal action.

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