Alabama Public Television COO Resigns

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Alabama Public Television COO Resigns

WBHM has just obtained this letter of resignation from Alabama Public Television Chief Operating Officer Charles Grantham. Granthan had earlier written a letter to Governor Robert Bentley expressing concern about the recent actions of the Alabama Educational Television Commission, including the firing of APT Executive Director Allan Pizzato and Chief Financial Officer Pauline Howland. Yesterday, the AETC voted to hire a Birmingham law firm to defend it against a lawsuit filed by Pizzato.

Don Boomershine

Interim Executive Director

Alabama Public Television

Dear Don,

After much thought and prayer, I have reached a point where I can no longer work for Alabama Public Television. Since 1978, APT has been a rewarding and enjoyable place to work. The work environment has become more stressful than I feel able to endure without damage to my health. Some employees have even attended counseling due to the additional stressful work environment created by actions of the Commission. The recent happenings at APT have caused me to no longer trust the long term goals of the Commission. One of the Commissioners, by his statement yesterday, implied what I perceived as a threat to my future with APT. This combined with the additional stress indicates it is time for me to call it quits.

Accept this as my notice that my last day with APT will be August 31, 2012. Before that date I will be informing other staff members on projects I am currently working on and I hope for a smooth transition.


Charles Grantham

Chief Operating Officer

Sources inside APTV says employees are very dismayed and “don’t know who is in charge now”.

~ Tanya Ott, August 1, 2012