William Dahlberg

Executive Director

Will is an alum of Hiram College, where he received his undergraduate degree, and Dartmouth College, where he received his Master’s Degree. Outside of WBHM, Will is a freelance radio reporter and producer, and is a member of The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR).

Will can be reached at 205-934-2264 or at will@wbhm.org.

Why I Support WBHM: Scott Hildebrandt

“I like WBHM because NPR has been a fixture of my life ever since I was a kid, really really little. So, now NPR is kind of grown with me. It’s very relevant to me as an adult for the news coverage the civil debates. And I think having a source for reliable and responsible […]

Found Sound: The Alabama Theatre’s Mighty Wurlitzer Memorializes Buster Norris

A "found sound" story of organ recordings from the Alabama's Theatre's Mighty Wurlitzer Organ.

“Confederates in the Attic” Author On The Confederate Flag Debate

The South has been grappling with what to do about Confederate symbols since a gunman shot 9 people at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, last month. Tony Horwitz, a bestselling author and journalist, spoke with WBHM's Will Dahlberg about Confederate imagery, memorabilia and monuments, and whether the United States should collectively push these pieces of history aside.

Hostess to the Civil Rights Movement

The best remembered images of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama are of fire hoses and police dogs in Birmingham and officers attacking marchers crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. But today we bring you the story of one woman working to preserve the behind- the-scenes role her house played in the movement's history.

Diane McWhorter on Civil Rights 50th Anniversary

Birmingham is now in month four of commemorating the Civil Rights events of 1963. Some people welcome the chance to remember. Others say it was 50 years ago, why open old wounds?

New Panels for Storm Shelters

Alabama has escaped the brunt of Hurricane Isaac, but the storm does serve as a reminder that severe weather can bring danger and even death. So researchers at UAB are developing new building materials intended to create safer storm shelters. Recently a high-tech panel they created passed the National Storm Shelter Association’s tornado threat test, a key step to making such panels commercially viable. WBHM intern Will Dahlberg spoke with the project’s leader, Dr. Uday Vaidya, who says the material in these panels in rather unique.

Tropical Storm Isaac Update

Tropical Storm Isaac is churning across the Gulf of Mexico and while its current path won’t mean a direct hit for Alabama, the state will still feel the effects of this storm. Governor Robert Bentley has declared a state of emergency and ordered evacuations of low lying areas along the gulf coast. WBHM intern Will Dahlberg spoke with John DeBlock with the National Weather Service in Birmingham about the latest storm forecast.

August 7 Morning Newscast

Mark A. Elgart President and Chief Executive Officer of AdvanceEd says he has serious concerns with Birmingham Board of Education and testimony continues in a lawsuit between Allan Pizzato and the Alabama Public Television Commission.

Testimony from the Alabama Public Television Lawsuit

Testimony in a Jefferson County courtroom is revealing more details about the unexpected firing of former Alabama Public Television executive director Allan Pizzato. Pizzato filed suit in Jefferson County Circuit Court against the Alabama Education Television Commission and its seven members, claiming they violated the state’s open meetings law when they fired him at a June 12th meeting.

Lacrosse in a Football State

If there's one sport that's synonymous with Alabama, it's football. But in recent years, a much older team sport has grown significantly in Birmingham and around the state.