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Time Together

My wife is a teacher. Even though she is bummed about not seeing her kids for the remainder of the school year, she has gotten to spend her time at home with our 2 year old son. Time spent together is so valuable, and there is never enough. Chuck L., Piedmont, AL

Saturday Morning Strolling

Went out for a stroll in Clayton Park on Saturday morning. Cars went by at the rate of one every five minutes. It was a field filled with clover, violet, dandelion, and bluebell flowers. Quiet, windy, the smell of recent rain. Not a soul in sight. The sky was on fire, over oceans yet to […]

RN Comes Home to Help

My wife is a Alabama native. She’s about to finish her RN in a month. We are moving back in July because she wants her first job to be helping the people of Birmingham. We can’t wait to get back home and help however we can. Greg C., Middletown, NY

Here Comes the Sun

At least it stopped raining. John B., Birmingham, AL

Learning Gratitude

I’ve learned to be more appreciative of front-line workers of all kinds, and make sure to say a sincere “thank you” to grocery staff, delivery people, take-out food folks, postal workers, law enforcement officers, and medical workers. Tami T., Birmingham, AL

Carbon Emissions Down

On the bright side, the drop in carbon emissions due to the pandemic show the potential that climate action has on a widely implemented basis – this kind of decarbonization can have profound effects. We now have an example for how citizens, global leaders, and the media should treat climate change as the existential threat […]

Selfish, Not Selfish

Little selfish…but I have not bitten my nails in about a month and a half…hopefully keep that trend going. Blake C., Irondale, AL

Words on the Page

Since March 10, I’ve written 17,000 words on my next novel. Chris G., Birmingham, AL

Taking in the Beauty

I’ve noticed people taking in the beauty around them a lot more. I live in Bluff Park and the lookout points on Shades Crest Road are packed with people (responsibly distanced) enjoying the beautiful sunsets every evening. It’s nice to see. Chadwick B., Bluff Park, AL

Face Mask Facilitators

The Facebook group “Bham Face Masks” has facilitated donations of over 40,000 handmade face masks in the Birmingham area. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Ann F., Birmingham, AL


One silver lining is that I get to spend my last semester of high school at home with my sister. I live in a dorm for school, but thanks to coronavirus it got shut down. I miss all my friends and the younger kids, but I love that I get to spend time with my […]

Cookies Cookies Cookies

OTBS—we ate all the chocolate chip cookies so have an excuse to make more! Christina C., Birmingham, AL

Raymond L. Johnson Jr. (D)

Name: Raymond Johnson Jr. Date of birth: May 4, 1951; age 64 Residence: Birmingham Political experience: State executive committee member, Alabama Democratic Party. Professional experience: Private practice and shareholder, The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, Birmingham, 2004-present; adjunct professor, Cumberland School of Law, 1988-present; shareholder, Thomas, Means, Gillis & Seay, 2000-2004; assistant U.S. attorney, Birmingham, 1991-2000; […]

Charles Todd Henderson (D)

Name: Charles Todd Henderson Date of birth: July 18, 1964; age 51 Residence: Pleasant Grove Political experience: Ran for Jefferson County Sheriff, 2014; executive committee member, Jefferson County Democratic Party, 2014-present; member, Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Council. Professional experience: Private practice, 2003-present; accredited veterans attorney, 2013-present; special counsel to the Mayor of Brighton, 2014-2015; general […]

Magic City Marketplace

Developers eye properties around Birmingham's new downtown baseball stadium, two new housing developments are on the way and companies spent less on lobbying last year.

Magic City Marketplace

New data suggests the hospital industry in bouncing back from the recession in a big way. The nine major hospitals in the Birmingham metro area netted more than $154 million during fiscal year 2010. That’s more than seven times the amount they netted the previous year.

Gin Phillips

The Los Angeles times called Birmingham author Gin Phillips's first book The Well and The Mine an astonishing new novel. It's been compared to To Kill a Mockingbird and earned Phillips the Barnes and Noble Discover Award. So when Phillips started shopping her next novel, Come In and Cover Me , she admits there was a bit of pressure. Come In and Cover Me follows the story of Ren Taylor -- an archeologist who's on a mission to understand an ancient community, but ends up discovering some things about herself.

Light Skits

After going through some tough times with the death of his father, Light Skits founding member Sam Goodwin needed to express himself creatively. He says the resulting album, Nooks & Crannies, lets listeners inside his mind. With diverse song structures, complex math-pop riffs and screamo vocals, Light Skits lets you rock loud and hard.

Gordon Lightfoot

Over his 50+ year career, singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot has produced a string of hits. His songs have been recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, even Elvis. He's mostly remembered in this country for his hits from the 1970s and the occasional public TV fundraiser. But Gordon Lightfoot is nothing short of a national treasure in his native Canada. At the tender age of 73 he still spends a lot of time on the road and this Sunday evening his t our bus stops at the Alabama Theatre . Greg Bass talked to Gordon Lightfoot.

Election 2008

  National Conventions: Alabama’s Perspective Birmingham (August 22, 2008) – Democratic Party officials from Alabama and across the country will assemble Monday in Denver for that party’s national convention. Republicans will do the same a week later in the Twin Cities. At the top of the “to do” list is nominating the presidential candidates, but […]