More Robust FEMA APP Released Just In Time for Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is launching a new feature to its app that is a one-stop-shop of sorts that will help people prepare for, respond to and recover from hurricanes.

Kyle Whitmire Discusses UAB Football Future And The Legislative Session

The much anticipated College Sports Solutions’ report on University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) athletics is now public and the findings are somewhat ambiguous. In essence, it says UAB can control it’s own destiny. But the question remains should the university divert its football funding to running a championship-caliber basketball program, or beg and borrow […]

Family Values? Politicians On Maternity and Paternity Benefits For Alabama Patents

Sunday was Mother's Day and the love was flowing around the state and the nation, but there's not so much love for mothers and fathers when it comes to paternity and maternity benefits for Alabama parents. Despite all of our talk about family values, Alabama Media Group political columnist says the United States has family leave laws that are antiquated by even the healthcare standards of third world countries, and Alabama has an infant mortality rate worse than Ukraine. Whitmire discusses the landscape of political morality versus taking action with WBHM's Chris Osborne.

Alabama Parks Director Says State Parks Could See Large Cuts

Alabama faces a general fund budget shortfall of more than $580 million dollars. If legislators cant find new revenue, there could be sweeping cost cutting measures. This includes layoffs and reductions in state services affecting, among other things, law enforcement and state parks.