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Health Care

At Children’s Hospital, a Note with Lunch

Patients at Children’s Hospital of Alabama now get a little extra pick-me-up. Every day at lunch, kids there receive a note, called a napkinism.

Alabama Licenses Midwives for the First Time in Decades

For the first time in more than 40 years, Alabama has licensed professional midwives. Last week, the newly formed Alabama State Board of Midwifery issued credentials to five women.

With $30 Million Gift, UAB Says Cancer Research is the Future of Birmingham

Leaders of the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB have big plans to use the recently announced $30 million gift from O’Neal Industries. They want to triple the number of clinical trials.

State Attorney General Asks Supreme Court to Rule on Banning Abortion Procedure

Alabama’s attorney general Steve Marshall wants the US Supreme Court to weigh in on restricting a certain abortion procedure.

Gun Violence Through the Eyes of a Trauma Surgeon

The recent shooting at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover has renewed attention on the issue of gun violence. Dr. Jeff Kerby, head of trauma services at UAB, says to curb gun-related deaths and injuries, health officials must have a seat at the table.

As Alabama’s Unemployment Rate Decreases, Medicaid Enrollment Does Not

Alabama’s unemployment rate hit record lows in the past year, falling below 4 percent, but the number of people enrolled in Medicaid hasn’t decreased.

Alabama Has Nation’s Highest Rate of Cervical Cancer Death

Alabama has the highest rate of cervical cancer death in the country. Black women in the state die from the disease at nearly twice the rate of white women. That is according to a report released today by Human Rights Watch, an international nonprofit.

A Flu Shot, a Letter and an Unexpected Response

Every fall, doctors beg the public to get a flu shot. It might not be a big deal to an adult, but for a kid, that needle can be intimidating. WBHM’s Andrew Yeager recently found the story of a girl, a vaccine, a letter and an unexpected response.

Recovery Resource Center Bridges Gaps in Addiction Treatment

For someone with addiction, deciding to get help is often the first step to recovery. But finding that help is not always easy. State-funded treatment facilities can have complicated requirements and long waiting lists.

UAB Medical Center West to Remain Near Bessemer

Officials in west Jefferson County at a press conference Monday welcomed UAB Medical Center West’s decision to build a new facility there. Prior to that announcement, UAB also considered moving the facility to Hoover.

Birmingham Police Face Biggest Backlog in Sexual Assault Kits Not Submitted for Analysis

Rhiannon Reese of Crisis Center Birmingham says she doesn’t want to play the blame game about sexual assault kits not submitted for analysis to Alabama’s forensic lab.

Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits Set off Alarm Bells in DA’s Office

So far, the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative in Jefferson County has generated more questions than answers. The biggest question: How did 3,876 sexual assault kits not get submitted to the Department of Forensic Sciences for testing?

Jefferson County Commission Pursues Healthcare Authority Plan

Jefferson County is moving closer to establishing a healthcare authority to manage indigent healthcare in the county.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama? It’s Complicated.

People seeking an alternative to pain medications or anti-anxiety drugs are increasingly turning to CBD oil. Some athletes even claim it helps with post-workout recovery. Studies have shown it curbs severe epilepsy. Those array of claims have made it easier to find CBD products in Alabama. But there’s just one problem: CBD is derived from marijuana.

UAB Receives $10 Million for Parkinson’s Research

The National Institutes of Health this week named UAB a Udall Center of Excellence in Parkinson’s Disease Research, making it 1 of 8 such centers in country.

SPLC Calls on Court to Hold Alabama Prison System in Contempt

The Southern Poverty Law Center wants the state prison system held in contempt for failing to fill mental health positions. Contempt hearings began Tuesday in U.S. District Court involving the Alabama Department of Corrections and lawyers representing inmates.

A UAB Program Connects Resources For Pregnant Mothers Dealing With Substance Use Disorders

Alabama’s Chemical Endangerment Law makes it a felony offense to use drugs during pregnancy. A UAB program funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wants to redirect the focus from criminalizing a woman’s addiction to treating it.

Alabama Seeks Comment on Plans to Add Medicaid Work Requirement

Alabama wants to require some Medicaid recipients to work if they want healthcare coverage. The public has until Thursday to comment on the plan.

UAB Study Finds CBD Oil Helps Epilepsy Patients

Researchers at UAB published a study this month that offers hope to those dealing with severe epilepsy. It found cannabidiol or CBD oil helps curb seizures. The substance is derived from marijuana although it doesn’t have hallucinogenic properties.

Officials Want More Contamination Testing In North Birmingham

More than 500 properties in North Birmingham have not been tested for contamination, Congresswoman Terri Sewell said Wednesday while touring Collegeville with city, state and EPA officials. She wants people who have rejected soil testing to allow the EPA to check for contaminants.

Dorothy Levy, Co-founder Of United Cerebral Palsy Of Birmingham, Celebrates 106th Birthday

Dorothy Levy celebrated her 106th birthday last month, but the party isn’t quite over. Levy co-founded United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham, which is now United Ability, and she is as witty and alert as anyone could hope to be at her age.

Local NAACP Leader Says He’s Not Resigning Following Concerns Over Bribery Trial

The local NAACP president says he’s not stepping down amid calls for his resignation. Testimony and emails presented in a recent federal bribery trial showed Hezekiah Jackson through his contacts worked to convince North Birmingham residents not to have their soil tested for contamination.

Another Legislator Indicted in Corruption Case Involving Diabetes Health Clinic

  by Virginia Martin   Alabama Rep. Randy Davis has been indicted on allegations he was involved in a plan to pressure Blue Cross Blue Shield to cover diabetes treatments at a string of health clinics with which he was involved. Davis, a Republican from Daphne, was charged by federal prosecutors in Montgomery with several […]

Residents Weigh in on 10-Block Downtown Attraction

The open space beneath the interstate downtown Birmingham will cover 10 blocks once the massive bridge replacement project is completed. Designers and ALDOT officials are getting public input today at the Boutwell Auditorium what to place in what was once an open parking area. Other feedback sessions are set for July 24.

Teaching Bleeding Control as a Survival Strategy

Recent mass shootings have prompted more than thoughts, prayers, and debates about guns. They’ve also sparked interest in ways to keep people alive in critical moments after a shooting. By teaching regular people to stop the bleeding, just as with CPR or the Heimlich maneuver, people can save lives.

For UAB’s Might, Precision Medicine Was Personal

Medical treatments sometimes have to take a one-size-fits-all approach. But those treatments don’t always work the same way for everyone. Precision medicine is an emerging way to care for patients that considers their individual genes, environments, and lifestyles. And the leader of UAB's effort to do that is here because of his son.

UAB Hospitals Given Top Marks On Patient Safety

UAB Hospital and UAB Highlands Hospital each scored an "A" on a national nonprofit's patient safety assessment released Tuesday.

Study: Alabama Ranks Third in Premature Death

A comprehensive report published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at life expectancy and other key health measures across the U.S. Alabama ranked third-worst in premature death, but there was good news also.

Combating Alabama’s Rural Doctor Shortage

The state health department says most of Alabama faces a lack of primary-care. But there’s a University of Alabama program that’s been grooming doctors from rural areas so they can bring their skills home.

A New Way to Grow Tumors in 3-D

If you can grow cancer cells outside the body, it’s easier to figure out how to kill them. With an eye toward faster drug development and more effective treatments, a UAB biomedical engineer has come up with a new way to sustain cancer cells. He calls them "bioreactors."

Former Surgeon General Satcher to UAB: Take Risks

Former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher came to UAB and pleaded for bold leadership in medicine. He also explained how his own near-death experience prompted him to take risks over his long career.

Several School Systems Closing Due to Flu Outbreak

The flu outbreak is forcing several school systems in the northern part of the state to close for a few days. This comes as high absences are reported in schools across the state and health officers investigate an estimated 87 deaths, potentially related to the flu. The following school systems have confirmed closings for the following […]