Several Hundred Gather in Birmingham for Bernie Sanders Rally

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Birmingham crowd awaits the arrival of US Senator Bernie Sanders at Kelly Ingram Park.

Janae Pierre,WBHM

A large crowd of people rallied Sunday for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. The presidential hopeful traveled south in an attempt to swing voters. Sanders’ talking points included “Medicare for all” and equal pay. But the Democrat wasn’t shy about speaking up for women’s rights.

Sanders’ visit comes nearly a week after Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the nation. At the Birmingham rally, Sanders called the state’s abortion ban a disgrace. 

“Make no mistake about it, these laws are dangerous,” said Sanders. “They are regressive and they are blatantly unconstitutional.”

The rally was held at Birmingham’s historic Kelly Ingram Park. It was followed by a larger crowd of people, mostly women, protesting for reproductive freedom. 

Janae Pierre

Janae Pierre