ACLU Files Ethics Complaint Against Sessions

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The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday filed a complaint with the Alabama State Bar against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It alleges the former Alabama senator made false statements under oath, violating professional standards.

Christopher Anders of the ACLU filed the complaint.

“One of the most sacred and important obligations of a lawyer is the duty to tell the truth,” he says, “particularly before a tribunal and particularly under oath.”

Anders says Sessions made false statements when he told a Senate committee in January he’d had no contact with the Russian government during the presidential campaign, and that Sessions didn’t correct the record for weeks.

“It was only when his false statement was exposed by the Washington Post that he acknowledged that he had met with the Russian ambassador on multiple occasions,” Anders says.

Neither Sessions nor the U.S. Department of Justice spokesperson would comment on the complaint. Sessions has said in the past he didn’t try to mislead anyone but that he could have been more careful with his testimony. Anders’ complaint urges the Alabama Bar to investigate. Potential results range from no action to disbarment.

A Boston-area private attorney also filed a similar complaint with the Alabama Bar Association earlier the same day.