Document Dump Adds to Bentley Impeachment Investigation

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Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is battling it out with legislators as they look to possible impeachment of the governor. The impeachment effort was sparked by allegations Bentley had an affair with his top political advisor, Rebekah Mason. Bentley denies this. Nevertheless the House Judiciary Committee has hired a special council to investigate. The committee’s issued subpoenas for documents. Bentley’s lawyer says the panel doesn’t have that power. But still the governor’s office has released thousands of document and we talk about what they reveal with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald.

Andrew Yeager

Andrew Yeager


John Archibald

Alabama is full of big news stories. From the removal of the Confederate battle flag, to gay marriage, to Birmingham's increase in the minimum wage. It's a lot for journalists to keep up with and a lot of great materials for columnists like and The Birmingham News' John Archibald. He discusses the city, county and state politics in forums large and small.

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