Amid Rising Opioid Deaths, Alabama Cracks Down on Treatment Centers

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Alabama and the nation are in the midst of an opioid epidemic, with deaths from prescription pain medication and heroin overdoses on the rise. Yet, as the death toll increased, Alabama cracked down on opioid addiction treatment centers, specifically methadone clinics. Currently two companies are competing to open a methadone clinic in Lee County, and they’re seeing stiff pushback from local officials. As’s Amy Yurkanin explains, if either company moves forward with a clinic, “it would be the first to open in Alabama since a three-year moratorium expired in 2015,” says Yurkanin. “It could also be the last methadone treatment clinic to open in the state – if it ever happens.” She recently reported on the state’s struggle with methadone clinics, and tells WBHM’s Rachel Osier Lindley more.