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Jerri Hardesty: Changing Lives Through Poetry

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Jerri Hardesty

Emotion often fuels poetry.  Sometimes though that emotion is so personal it’s like being let into a secret space.  That’s the way it is with poems we’ll hear from Jerri Hardesty. She’s president of the Alabama State Poetry Society.  She’s won more than 600 awards and titles for both written and spoken word poetry.  Hardesty talks to WBHM’s Michael Krall and she begins with a piece called “This Poem.”  (A word of caution – the material is not suitable for children.)

Hardesty along with her husband Kirk, runs the nonprofit organization, New Dawn Unlimited, Inc., dedicated to poetry publishing, production, performance, promotion, preservation, and education.

Hardesty and with other poets will perform at the BamaSlam Montevallo Poetry Slam at Eclipse Coffee and Books on Friday, November 13, at 9 p.m.

“This Poem” by Jerri Hardesty:

“Stargazing” by Jerri Hardesty: