Stuff: Telling the Story of Alabama’s First African-American Architect

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All this week we’re taking a closer look at “Stuff” and what it means to us. Whether it’s priceless family heirlooms or just the day-to-day “what nots” that surround us, “Stuff” is everywhere. Nearly 20 years ago Bessemer resident Allen Durough found something in his barn that he thought was junk. But it turned out to be a life changing discovery related to Alabama’s first African American architect. A man by the name of Wallace Rayfield. Allen Durough tells his story to WBHM’s Tanya Ott.

Bessemer resident Allen Durough says he’s dedicated the rest of his life to educating the public about African American architect Wallace Rayfield.

Logan Ward (author of the book See You In 100 Years, which was featured on WBHM’s Tapestry) has an extensive profile of Wallace Rayfield and Allen Durough in this month’s issue of Preservation.

See a longer list of Wallace Rayfield-designed buildings on the Bham Wiki page.