Ten Days of Tibet

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Overcoming Schizophrenia

These days, doctors who treat mental illness have an unprecedented variety of effective new medications from which to choose. That's the good news. The bad news is that finding just the right medication, and the right dosage, for each patient often involves a frustrating period of trial and error. But once that perfect combination is found, the improvement can be both sudden and dramatic, as in this story by reporter Dale Short.

Public Health 911

NPR News and Classical Music for North Central Alabama

Watermelon 101

It’s an age-old puzzle. You’re standing in front of dozens of gorgeous watermelons…how do you choose the best one? The experts say there are two schools of thought on that… ‘You want one that’s not a bright, shiny green…’ ‘You pat on it, like that” ‘There’s a little stem, and when it turns brown it’s […]

Old Fashioned Market

NPR News and Classical Music for North Central Alabama

Scholar’s Bowl

NPR News and Classical Music for North Central Alabama

Inside Interpreting

For several days, your back has been killing you. You make an appointment with a doctor, camp out in the waiting room. And finally, when you’re ushered back to the doctor’s office, he greets you in Spanish. That’s how it feels for the thousands of Hispanic immigrants in Alabama who speak limited English. Until recently, […]

For the Birds

On a quiet Sunday morning, the parking lot of the National Guard Armory is already filled with cars and vans and RVs, bearing tags as far away as Louisiana and Texas. A family reunion, maybe? Well, not exactly. The visitors who are flocking to this sprawling space are members of a unique subculture: bird enthusiasts. […]

Race for City Hall

With a record-setting number of candidates … 18 in all … many Birmingham voters say they’re having a hard time telling the players, even with a program. WBHM invited two local journalists who are covering the race to give us a perspective on what’s at stake for those seeking the mayor’s office and on the […]

The Burning Bus

NPR News and Classical Music for North Central Alabama

The Parable of Harry Potter

On a recent Sunday morning at Unity Church, on the southside of Birmingham, a couple of dozen kids, ranging in age from about six to 12, file down a stairway to a brightly-lit basement classroom for Sunday School. Gradually, the music and the conversations die down so the kids can recite the Lord’s Prayer. But […]

Buddhist Art in Birmingham

This week, at the Birmingham Museum of Art, this is what the art of patience sounds like… No, they’re not crickets. They’re ancient tools known as chakpus ‘ hollow, metal rods shaped like funnels. In the museum lobby, as onlookers come and go, seven Buddhist monks lean across a wide circular table, using the funnels […]