Tyler Pratt

Gulf States Newsroom Ast. Managing Editor

Tyler Pratt is the deputy managing editor for the Gulf States Newsroom, a collaboration between public radio stations in Alabama (WBHM), Louisiana (WWNO and WRKF) and Mississippi (MPB-Mississippi Public Broadcasting) and NPR.

Tyler hails from West Texas. He was most recently the news director at Wyoming’s only community radio station, KHOL in Jackson Hole. He previously helped launch a public radio news radio station in Pennsylvania during the pandemic covering the booming Lehigh Valley region.

He’s been working at making audio news stories for more than a decade as a jack-of-all-trades at public radio stations across the country — often as a host, producer, reporter and editor.

He’s a Columbia Journalism School alum and a summer adjunct assistant professor who loves teaching reporters about the craft of radio and has loads of experience with breaking news.

When he’s not deep in a feature edit and finding new and creative ways to make radio stories pop — he loves dance floors, house music, tacos, barbecue, exploring the world of tequilas and mezcals, crawfish boils, beach escapes and cute swimming pools, studying the Spanish language and always on the hunt for his next vacation destination in Latin America.