2022 Alabama midterm election results

A man walks inside an entrance to a polling place next to a sign that reads "VOTE HERE."

Alabama polling places opened at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, November 8 for voters to cast ballots that will decide state and countywide races.

Zoe McDonald, WBHM


Unofficial results for statewide races

67 of 67 counties reporting

38.50% voter turnout statewide

Lieutenant Governor

Will Ainsworth (Republican) — 83.69%

Ruth Page-Nelson (Libertarian) — 15.60%

Attorney General

Steve Marshall (Republican) — 67.91%

Wendell Major (Democrat) — 32%

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Place 5

Anita L. Kelly (Democrat) — 32.49%

Greg Cook (Republican) — 67.42%

Secretary of State

Pamela J. Laffitte (Democrat) — 31.09%

Wes Allen (Republican) — 65.90%

Jason “Matt” Shelby (Libertarian) — 2.96%

State Treasurer

Young Boozer (Republican) — 83.75%

Scott Hammond (Libertarian) — 15.47%

State Auditor

Andrew Sorrell (Republican) — 84.43%

Leigh Lachine (Libertarian) — 14.81%

Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries

Rick Pate (Republican) — 84.27%

Jason Clark (Libertarian) — 14.99%

Public Service Commission, Place 1

Jeremy H. Oden (Republican) — 83.73%

Ron Bishop (Libertarian) — 15.47%

Public Service Commission, Place 2

Chip Beeker (Republican) — 83.18%

Laura Lane (Libertarian) — 16.05%

Unofficial results for Jefferson County races

99.45% of precincts counted

41.07% voter turnout in Jefferson County

State Senate District 15

Dan Roberts (Republican) — 83.32%

Michael Crump (Libertarian) — 15.97%

State Senate District 17

Shay Shelnutt (Republican) — 89.36%

John Fortenberry (Libertarian) — 10.24%

State Senate District 19

Merika Coleman (Democrat) — 86.51%

Danny Wilson (Libertarian) — 12.82%

State Representative District 15

Richard P. Rouco (Democrat) — 39.90%

Leigh Hulsey (Republican) — 60.02%

State Representative District 44

Danny Garrett (Republican) — 83.85%

John Wiley Boone (Libertarian) — 15.36%

State Representative District 45

Susan Dubose (Republican) — 79.44%

Kari Mitchell Whitaker (Libertarian) — 19.55%

State Representative District 47

Christian Coleman (Democrat) — 35.92%

Mike Shaw (Republican) — 64.03%

State Representative District 48

Jim Carns (Republican) — 84.09%

Bruce Stutts (Libertarian) — 15.32%

State Representative District 56

Ontario J. Tillman (Democrat) — 90.64%

Carson B. Lester (Libertarian) — 8.75%

State Representative District 57

Patrick Sellers (Democrat) — 64.88%

Delor Baumann (Republican) — 33.44%

Manijeh Nancy Jones (Libertarian) — 1.54%

State Representative District 60

Juandalynn Givan (Democrat) — 89.35%

J.P. French (Libertarian) — 10.20%

Jefferson County Commission District 3

Jimmie Stephens (Republican) — 82.89%

Devin Cordell (Libertarian) — 16.15%

Jefferson County Board of Education, District 3

Stephanie Floyd (Democrat) — 62.07%

Donna Pike (Republican) — 37.86%

Deputy District Attorney, 10th Judicial Circuit, Bessemer Division

Lynneice O. Washington (Democrat) — 53.25%

Bill Veitch (Republican) — 46.66%

Jefferson County Sheriff

Mark Levie Pettway (Democrat) — 52.09%

Jared Hudson (Republican) — 47.84%

Jefferson County Local Amendment 1 — Senior property tax exemption

Yes — 87.61%

No — 12.39%


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