Local nonprofits need our help. COVID-19 has been especially disruptive to charities and nonprofit organizations in the heart of Alabama that depend on donations to provide critical services to our community.

You can demonstrate your community support by partnering with WBHM to support local nonprofits.

1. Choose a nonprofit organization as the recipient of your act of kindness.

2. Invest $1,500, $1,000, or $500 to secure on-air announcements on WBHM at a discounted rate.

3. Give all or half of the announcements to your chosen nonprofit.

The announcements will air Monday-Sunday between the hours or 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. over two weeks. On your behalf, your account executive will contact your chosen nonprofit to share your generosity, craft messaging that includes your name or your company’s name as the funder, and confirm broadcast dates. We’ll even provide you an audio file so that you can hear your message and share it.

LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER! Email [email protected] to get started.

$1500 – 50 announcements  |  $1000 – 30 announcements  |  $500 – 20 announcements

Together with our listeners, support comes from [corporation or individual purchasing annnouncement] sharing [name of nonprofit]’s need/mission/message. Learn more at [nonprofit website].

Underwriting announcements are public radio’s version of advertising; they acknowledge support for our station. Sponsors should keep in mind that the non-commercial nature of public radio is highly valued by listeners, and the FCC has established certain guidelines.
Underwriting announcements are approximately 25 words and may include:
•    Name of business/organization providing underwriting support
•    Brief description of sponsor’s products and/or services
•    Location and web address of business/organization
•    Event dates and locations
Announcements may not include:
•    Promotional, comparative or qualitative language (best, most reliable, etc)
•    A call to action (“come to this event,” “call now,” “visit our website”)
•    Price or value information, e.g., $59.95
•    An inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease (“year-end sale”)
•    First and second person pronouns (I, me, you, we, our)
•    A list containing more than three items
•    Language that expresses a view with respect to a matter of public interest
* WBHM will have final approval on all underwriting copy and chosen nonprofit entities in accordance with the FCC regulations which prohibit controversial, advocacy, public policy, or political announcements. All rates net per spot.