Alabama Midterm Election Coverage

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Our reporters delivered thorough, incisive coverage of the 2018 elections. Our audience heard candidates outline their priorities. We spoke with voters who were worried that since hundreds of thousands were purged from state voter rolls, perhaps their votes wouldn’t count. We reported on questions surrounding Secretary of State John Merrill’s partisanship and, more specifically, his ability to oversee an election in which he is a candidate.

We looked at whether Gov. Kay Ivey’s refusal to debate her opponent would matter to voters. And we dove into how eliminating corruption became such a dominant theme for state candidates in the 2018 elections. We examined concerns about Ivey’s stamina as questions swirled around her health. The morning after the primaries and the general election, we offered live analysis of the results on both the Republican and Democratic sides.

We picked apart two of the most controversial amendments on the ballot — one on abortion, the other on the public display of the Ten Commandments — and turned to expert analysis on the question of whether they are likely to be legally challenged later. And we provided solid coverage of our local elections, both on air and digital, including the victories of the first African American sheriff and district attorney in Jefferson County.

And on election night we provided hours of live coverage on the air and online. Updates from reporters in the field and in the studio meant our listeners heard the facts in real time with the thoughtful context and analysis they value in our coverage.