Thousands in Alabama Eligible for Compensation from Volkswagen

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Thousands of Alabama residents may be eligible for compensation from Volkswagen following a settlement over emissions fraud.

Attorney General Luther Strange announced today that under the settlement, Volkswagen is required to repurchase or modify more than 4300 vehicles sold in Alabama.

Residents who purchased VW and Audi 2 liter diesel engine vehicles between 2009 and 2015 are entitled to the full, pre-scandal fair market value for their vehicle, in addition to a cash payment of at least $5,100.

Strange says an attorneys general investigation confirmed Volkswagen equipped vehicles with “defeat device” software intended to skirt certain emissions standards and then concealed the existence of the software from regulators and the public.

Strange says Volkswagen falsely claimed their cars were environmentally friendly when in fact, the company knew the vehicles emitted harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx) at rates many times higher than the law permitted.