Calls for Governor Bentley’s Resignation Continue to Grow

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It’s just under a week since scandal rocked Montgomery. Last Wednesday, Alabama’s former top cop told the media about an affair between Governor Robert Bentley and an advisor and a phone sex tape surfaced online. While Bentley apologized for inappropriate comments and continues to deny any “physical affair” with Senior Political Advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason, calls for his resignation have only gotten louder among state leaders. 

Legislators claim Bentley can no longer be an effective governor and that he has embarrassed the state. The College Republican Federation of Alabama issued a resolution today requesting Bentley step down. Last week, the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee recently issued a similar resolution. The resolution says Bentley’s actions have caused the state to see, “Statewide and national exposure in print, broadcast, internet, and social media, embarrassing not only himself and his family, but also the State of Alabama and the Republican Party of Alabama.”

Representative Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham) tells WBHM she agrees. She says Bentley should resign, not for the affair, but for the lying. “The issue of the affair is not an impeachable offense to me,” Todd tells WBHM. “He can do whatever he wants but tell the truth.”

Todd says what concerns her most is that Mason, who is not paid or employed by the state, has full access to the governor’s office. Todd says no one knows who pays Mason’s salary, and that makes her skeptical.

“What I have learned in Montgomery is, you follow the money. It’s always about money. So somebody is profiting from that arrangement, from her being in the governor’s office.”

Mason is employed and paid by the non-profit, The Alabama Council for Excellent Government, which was set up by Bentley to support his policy agenda. As a non-profit, the group does not have to identify its donors.

Please see the Press Release regarding the resolution passed by the College Republican Federation of Alabama. #ALpolitics

Posted by College Republican Federation of Alabama on Monday, March 28, 2016

Rachel Osier Lindley contributed to this report.