Storms Couldn’t Keep Alabamians Away From Polls

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Source: Rachel Osier Lindley, WBHM

Alabamians hit the polls yesterday for what’s been dubbed the “SEC Primary” and voter turnout was high despite severe weather.

Powerful thunderstorms and even a tornado could not keep Alabamians away from the polls yesterday. The severe weather moved through the area during evening rush hour, right about the time some people were on their way to vote. But others hit the polls earlier in the day.

“I voted for Bernie Sanders,” said Patricia Loyd of Birmingham. Her husband, Tom, voted for Ohio Governor John Kasich.

The Loyds may not share the same political beliefs, but they still manage to get along. Tom Loyd supported John Kasich over all other Republican candidates because, “I thought that he gave a good explanation of his platform and what he planned to do,” he said.

“I like Bernie Sanders because he listens,” said Patricia Loyd, who added that she also supports Hillary Clinton. “[Sanders] is just so real.

Another Kasich supporter, Harry Kahmar of Saginaw, said he was going to vote for Trump. But had a change of heart after what he calls Divine intervention.

“I believe I was led by the spirit, the spirit of God,” he said. “I mean I’m a Christian. I have to obey the spirit of God.”

In the end neither Sanders nor Kasich won Alabama. The Republican nomination went to front-runner Donald Trump, while the Democratic contest went to Hillary Clinton. And that’s good news for Clinton supporters.

“She’s had a lot of experience being the first lady, assisting her husband,” said Ella Thomas, who cast her vote in Pelham. “She’s been the Secretary of State and I think she’s more than qualified on day one to step in.”

The next time Alabamians goes to the polls will be in November to cast a final ballot for their successor to current President Barak Obama.

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