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Why I Support WBHM: Chad and Allison Kahl

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We’re asking WBHM Members why they listen and what WBHM means to them.

Chad and Allie Kahl are both WBHM members. Chad’s in the Air Force. He’s a flight surgeon attached to the 99th Air Refueling Squadron out of Birmingham.

During Chad’s most recent deployment, the Kahls say WBHM helped keep them connected.

“You have your daily ritual and you wake up, you turn on the radio and find out what’s going on,” says Allie. “You still say in those rhythms…but you’re missing a very important person.”

While on the ground in Afghanistan, Chad says they’d find internet signals. “I would be able to tap into WBHM through the app up there in Northern Afghanistan,” he remembers.

“Chad would call up and we’d be listening to the same topics,” says Allie. “It gave us something in common at a time when we were having two totally different experiences.”

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