Making Do: Elder Care

26,000 Alabamians live in nursing homes. Many of them depend heavily on financial support from relatives. But as the economy stumbles, families have to make tough choices about how to care for aging relatives. Les Lovoy prepared this report for our series 'Making Do: Alabama's Economy'.

Alabama Prepaid College Tuition

In the last two years, the value of Alabama's Prepaid college tuition plan (PACT) has dropped nearly 50%. The tumbling stock market and increased college enrollments are squeezing pre-paid plans nationwide, but Alabama's situation is the worst. State officials hope to calm nerves by holding a public meeting in Montgomery this afternoon. But as Les Lovoy reports they're likely to hear from a lot of irate parents.

Considering Faith: Religion in the Workplace

In the past, there was a complete separation of religion or spirituality and the workplace . Business owners, managers and employees kept their beliefs to themselves. Increasingly, though, Today, however companies from carpet layers to pediatricians are promoting or marketing themselves as 'religious' or 'Christian' places of business. In the latest installment of our series 'Considering Faith', reporter Les Lovoy considers reports on how this growing trend may effecthelp or hurt the fortunes uture of these companies., and how some businesses may be exposing themselves to a new wave of religion-based discrimination law suits.