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ARS Frequently Asked Questions


How do you qualify to be a listener of The Alabama Radio Reading Service (ARRS)?
If you or someone you know is visually-impaired or unable to hold a newspaper or book, you qualify. Visual impairment or physical limitation must be certified by a competent authority, e.g., doctor, optometrist, therapist, counselor, etc.


What programming does ARRS offer?
Newspapers, magazines and information are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also air programs about health and cooking as well as the weekly grocery specials. A complete program guide is available in large print at HERE.


Will any radio pick up the service?
No. This is a special closed circuit broadcast and listeners must have a specially-equipped radio provided by the ARRS.


Is there a cost for the service?
While the service is free to individuals who are visually-impaired or print-disabled, we rely on donations to cover the cost of the receivers and help with operating costs.


What do I do with my radio when I don’t need it anymore?
If you are not using your radio, please return it to ARRS so that it can be re-issued to someone else.


What if I am outside the ARRS listening area?
In addition to listening to the ARRS online HERE, you can also call (605) 472-9329 to hear the ARRS service via telephone, 24/7. (Note: long distance charges will apply)



Other reading services in Alabama can be found at:

WLRH 89.3 FM Huntsville, 256-895-9574

Troy University Public Radio, 334-241-9574, broadcasting through:
WTSU 89.9 Montgomery/Troy
WRWA 88.7 FM Dothan
WTJB 91.7 FM Phenix City, and Columbus, Ga.