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Why I Support WBHM: Ryan Iversen and Alexander

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Will Dahlberg, WBHM

Ryan Iversen and his son Alexander.

WBHM listener Ryan Iversen lives in Hanceville, Alabama. He installs heating and air conditioner equipment, and is on the road a lot for his job. He says WBHM helps keep him entertained during those long drives.

“I really like the variety of what public radio brings to their stories,” says Iversen. “Music or movies or what’s happening in sports, it’s always something new and interesting.”

WBHM talked with him and his 4-year-old son Alexander on the historic day Iversen became a first-time WBHM member.

“I canceled my Google Play subscription, so I decided to use that money to support WBHM because I listen to it more than I listen to anything else,” Iversen says. “I like the news in the morning, I like Marketplace, I like the Southern Education Desk, and on the weekends I like Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion.”

Little Alexander listens with his dad too. Click the play button above to hear his radio debut!

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