Get ‘Em Now: Local Peach Shortage Looms

If you love local peaches, the kind you see at roadside stands and farmers markets in Alabama, stock up now. There’s almost certainly going to be a significant dip in supply.

Business Community Concerned about I-20/59 Bridge Project

The I-20/59 bridge replacement project has Birmingham's business community concerned as investors and developers work to revitalize the area in and around downtown. We talk more about that in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Stadium vs. Dome: Which is the Better Choice for Birmingham?

Birmingham Business Journal editor Ty West explains the debate around a downtown stadium.

Property Values Jump in Birmingham’s Parkside District

Birmingham's Parkside District has seen the highest increase in property values among the city's redeveloping neighborhoods.

JeffCo Judge Overturns Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation Law

Birmingham Business Journal editor Ty West discusses a Jefferson County judge's decision overturning the state's workers' compensation law.

The Next Wave of Downtown Birmingham Development

Birmingham Business Journal editor Ty West discusses buildings that could potentially form a new wave of redevelopment in downtown.

Regions Bank Takes Steps To Be Autism-Friendly

Regions Bank recently announced efforts to make its 1,500 branches autism-friendly. It's something many businesses across the country are doing. But there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.

Ratings Agency Downgrades Birmingham’s Credit Rating

Ratings agency Fitch downgrades Birmingham's credit rating.

Income Inequality in Birmingham, Alabama

Officials say there are three main obstacles keeping people in Birmingham and Alabama from achieving prosperity: education, poverty and crime. These barriers also contribute to the growing wage gap. WBHM's Esther Ciammachilli talks about this with Nick Patterson, editor of the weekly newspaper Weld.

More Venture Capital Flowing into Birmingham

The Birmingham Business Journal's Ty West discusses the increase in venture capital deals around Birmingham.

What a New Governor Means for Alabama Business

Birmingham Business Journal editor Ty West discusses what new Governor Kay Ivey might mean for Alabama's business community.

When Single Mothers Make Too Much for Government Help But Too Little to Pay the Bills

For a single mom with two children in Jefferson County, covering life’s most basic expenses  — rent, food, some health insurance — costs about $49,000 a year. A new report from the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham surveyed single mothers who work full-time, and who earn less than $30,000 a year. WBHM’s Gigi Douban spoke […]

Birmingham’s Construction Boom: How Long Can it Last?

Birmingham Business Journal editor Ty West evaluates Birmingham's construction boom over the last few years.

Alabama’s Auto Suppliers: A Dangerous Place for Workers

Bloomberg Business Week investigative Reporter Peter Waldman describes the dangerous conditions faced by workers for Alabama's auto parts suppliers.

Birmingham’s Airport Lands in the Middle of the Pack in New Rankings

Birmingham's airport is in the middle in a new ranking of American airports.

Why the Design-build Concept Could Boost Birmingham’s Construction Industry

Some new thinking on how architecture and construction firms are organized could make Birmingham an even bigger hub for the construction industry.

Attorney Advertising is Big Business in Alabama

It seems you can’t turn a corner in Alabama without seeing a billboard advertising for a personal injury lawyer. The practice has proven to be a lucrative business builder, but it also carries a professional stigma.

Who Benefits in Repealing Sales Tax on Groceries?

Proponents says exempting groceries from state sales tax would help low-income families and spur the economy. Those predictions could be optimistic.

Momentum Helps Women Overcome Tough Work Issues

It’s Women’s History Month, and we thought we’d bring you some voices of Alabama women who are shaking things up. Momentum is a women’s leadership program in Birmingham. WBHM’s Gigi Douban spoke with Joy Carter of Momentum and communications manager at Alabama Cast Iron Pipe Company. They chat about the things working women struggle with most. […]

Regions Part of an Industry Rethink of the Bank Branch

Online banking haven't made the bank branch obsolete, but banks are rethinking how they use their brick-and-mortar locations.

Business Groups Oppose Alabama’s Bathroom Bill

Alabama business groups are concerned if a so-called bathroom bill passes in Alabama, the state could suffer the same economic hit as North Carolina. That state suffered boycotts and major sporting events left after a similar bill was enacted there.

Changes To How Banks Pay Taxes In Alabama

Birmingham Business Journal reporter Michael Seale discusses two bills in the Alabama legislature that would change how banks pay state taxes.

Alabama Industry Hopes For Looser Environmental Rules Under Trump

Birmingham Business Journal reporter Michael Seale discusses what Alabama industries anticipate if President Donald Trump rolls back federal environmental rules.

How the Transgender Bathroom Bill Could Affect Business

One item soon to make its way through the Alabama Legislature is the bathroom bill. It’s officially known as the Alabama Privacy Act, and it’s believed to target transgender people. Sen. Phil Williams pre-filed the bill, which requires that an attendant be stationed inside mixed-gender bathrooms. On this week’s Magic City Marketplace, Ty West, editor of […]

Birmingham’s New Downtown Publix Attracts Residents Beyond the City Center

Publix opens its long-awaited downtown Birmingham store. It's a retailer that could have an impact beyond the city center.

Business Leaders Optimistic Lawmakers Will Reauthorize Historic Tax Credit

Birmingham Business Journal managing editor Stephanie Rebman discusses Alabama's lapsed historic tax credit and a new economic development plan for the state.

What Constitutes Downtown Birmingham?

Amidst all the talk about downtown Birmingham’s resurgence, there’s kind of a semantic assumption -- that we all mean the same thing when we say "downtown." Labels might not seem to matter much, but to marketers and real estate folks it does have an effect.

President Trump and Alabama’s Economy

We talk about what may happen for Alabama's economy under the Trump Administration in this week's Magic City Marketplace.

How Birmingham Stacks Up to Other Southern Metros

We explain how Birmingham compares to other southern metros in this week's Magic City Marketplace.

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Might Not Benefit Alabama Much

In this week's Magic City Marketplace we hear why President-elect Donald Trump's infrastructure plan might not benefit Alabama that much.

What will 2017 Bring for Birmingham’s Economy?

The new year is just two days old but businesses are eager to see what 2017 brings. We talk about what is expected in the Birmingham area economy this year in Magic City Marketplace.

The Year Ahead for Transit in Birmingham

In this week's Magic City Marketplace, what to expect from Birmingham transit in 2017 and the effect of an interest rate hike on Birmingham banks.