Spring Fund Drive Thank You Gifts


We’re excited to announce the 2021 Spring Fund Drive thank you gifts featuring art work by local artist Kris Handler! 

Make your selection from the thank you gift drop down menu on the WBHM donation page.

Kris Handler is a professional violinist and instructor with the Alabaster City Schools.

“Music and art have always been in my life. I have early childhood memories of
painting and drawing to classical music, which was always on the
radio,” says Kris. “I could never feel at home or live in a place that
did not have an NPR and classical music station. Creating this artwork
is my heartfelt tribute to both Birmingham and WBHM.”

In 1997, Kris moved to Birmingham along with her husband David, who is
also a professional violinist, to play with the Alabama Symphony
Orchestra. They live with their son, a calico cat, and a Collie dog. You
can see more of her work at Kris Handler Music, Stories & Art on