Kyle Whitmire

How Alabama Ethics Laws Allow for Questionable Campaign Spending

A loophole in Alabama's campaign finance law allows for questionable contributions.

It Might Just Be Legal

Spending practices regarding election campaign funds in Alabama are under review. How those funds are spent, now, can be looked up as public information, and there are some questions that come from the details. Kyle Whitmire of AL.COM and the Birmingham News took a dive in to the data about Alabama Representative Mike Hill, a Republican […]

The Definition of Ethics In Alabama is..

If you look for a definition of the word, “ethics,” terms come up like, “moral principles,” and “the concept of right and wrong.” Appropriate behavior, or noting the lack of it. Kyle Whitmire, political columnist for the Birmingham News and AL.COM, notes that the latest changes to ethics laws in Alabama have allowed for a […]

Corruption in Alabama: The Role of the State Ethics Commission

We continue our examination of corruption that appears to plague Alabama politics

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Corruption in Alabama?

Alabama has a corruption problem. Former House Speaker Mike Hubbard is currently awaiting sentencing for 12 felony ethics convictions, Chief Justice Roy Moore is scheduled to go to trial for allegedly violating judicial ethics and Governor Robert Bentley is being investigated for possible impeachment. So, is there a way to solve the state’s corruption problem?

Spencer Collier “Anxious” to Testify Against Gov. Bentley in Potential Impeachment Trial

An investigation is underway to determine whether Governor Robert Bentley should be impeached, and a discussion about Alabama real estate mogul Franklin Haney and his potential influence on state politics. The latest from’s Kyle Whitmire.

An Overview of First Day of Testimony in Hubbard Ethics Trial

Testimony in the trial of Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard continues. We look at how arguments are taking shape and the strange similarities in how the prosecution and defense describe Hubbard to the jury.

Chief Justice Roy Moore Blaming Drag Queen for his Recent Troubles

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore faces removal from office for the second time in this career, a rumored plea deal involving House Speaker Mike Hubbard lights up social media and we talk about the “Alabamafication” of America. It’s the latest from Kyle Whitmire, political columnist for The Birmingham News and

Lawmakers Pass Budget, Ask Questions Later

Lawmakers approve a General Fund budget that left an $85 million hole in the state’s Medicaid program and the head of the Alabama GOP feels compelled to defend the party. The latest from Kyle Whitmire, political columnist for The Birmingham News and

A Trip to Las Vegas Could Mean Trouble for Governor Bentley

There’s a new twist in the feud between Governor Robert Bentley and former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency head, Spencer Collier; a trip to Las Vegas could put Bentley in hot water with campaign finance law and a look at the state’s lack of oversight on religious daycare centers. The latest from’s Kyle Whitmire.

Evoking the “Goat Hill” Committee of the Alabama Legislature

A small delegation of Alabama lawmakers - led by a Republican Representative from Hartselle - announced plans to impeach Governor Robert Bentley, the Legislature overrides Bentley's budget veto and the role the Legislature's infamous "Goat Hill" committee will play in all of this. The latest from AL.dom's Kyle Whitmire.

Scandal Uncovers Bentley’s Involvement in Trial of Speaker Mike Hubbard

Following the eruption of a scandal involving Governor Robert Bentley and his now former top political adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, the governor is refusing to step down, despite mounting pressure from Alabama lawmakers. And Bentley’s involvement in the ethics trial of House Speaker Mike Hubbard is made clear following disclosure by fired Alabama Law Enforcement […]

Scandal Erupts Between Alabama’s Governor and Former Top Cop

Alabama’s top law enforcement officer, Spencer Collier, is fired following statements he made about an alleged affair between Governor Robert Bentley and a top adviser, Rebekah Mason. For more, we turn to’s Kyle Whitmire. Following Spencer Colliers press conference, Governor Robert Bentley held his own saying he did not have a physical relationship with Rebekah Mason. […]

Payday Loan Bill Alive, But For How Long?

A public meeting was held in Montgomery Wednesday, March 9, to discuss legislation that would affect payday loans, a U.S. lawmaker from Alabama is chosen to advise Republican front-runner Donald Trump on national security issues and we say goodbye to a beloved, satirical social media entity. All that in this week’s conversation with Kyle Whitmire, […]

Looking Forward to the General Election

Super Tuesday has come and gone in Alabama. What was surprising and what to expect come November? Analysis of the primary elections. And House Speaker Mike Hubbard is back in court tomorrow - Thursday, March 3. A look at what's happening in that trial taking place in Lee County.

A Look Ahead to the “SEC Primary”

The SEC Primary, also known as Super Tuesday is next week. A look ahead at what we can expect to see when Alabamians go to the polls, and an update on the ethics trial of House Speaker Mike Hubbard. State Legislators are now getting involved. Hear the latest from Kyle Whitmire the state political columnist for The Birmingham News and AL dot com.

Reveals in Case of Speaker Mike Hubbard Could Mean Trouble for Prosecutors

There’s been a big reveal in the ethics trial of House Speaker Mike Hubbard that carries potential danger for prosecutors, and U.S. Senator Richard Shelby has quickly progressed from inspirational campaign commercials to attack ads spearing his Republican opponents. Kyle Whitmire has more on this.

Bentley’s “Great State” Plan Lacks Funding Details

The Alabama Legislature is back to work and Governor Robert Bentley announced his Great State 2019 Plan at his State of the State address last night.’s Kyle Whitmire discusses where funding for this plan is going to come from.

Alabama Chief Justice Orders Stop to Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore, issues an order to all probate judges regarding the state’s law on same-sex marriage, and Alabama lawmakers and community leaders address issues of gun rights in the wake of President Barack Obama’s executive order that expands background checks for gun buyers. More on this from Kyle Whitmire, political columnist for […]

Could Long-Time U.S. Senator Richard Shelby be Dethroned in 2016?

Alabama is bracing itself for a busy election cycle; not only for the presidential race and the new SEC Primary March 1, but also for a Congressional seat that’s up for grabs in Alabama in 2016. And, a recent report from a public policy research group shows the state is still struggling to bring in […]

Fight at City Hall Not Craziest Thing to Happen in Alabama

A fight broke out at Birmingham City Hall between the mayor and a council member, Alabama is now under investigation by the U.S. Department of Transportation for closure of driver license offices and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) prepares for active shooter scenarios. The latest conversation with Kyle Whitmire, political columnist for The Birmingham […]

JeffCo Residents Left Paying Bill on Billion Dollar Utility Scandal

Another Alabama lawmaker uses social media as a political podium, this time encouraging his followers to buy more guns, a settlement regarding a major banking institution may have a lasting and negative impact on Jefferson County residents and is Kyle Whitmire the Archie Bunker of the new millennium? The answer in this week’s conversation with […]

Kyle Whitmire: Donald Trump, Alan Harper and “Safe Spaces” on College Campuses

An Alabama state legislator asks constituents on Facebook to avoid shopping at stores that aren’t owned by “God-fearing Christians;” College students around the country are demanding their schools provide “safe spaces,” on campus and Alabama’s fascination with Donald Trump. A look at these issues in this week’s conversation with Kyle Whitmire.

Kyle Whitmire: Gov. Bentley and Syrian Refugees

Governor Robert Bentley orders state agencies to turn away Syrian refugees in Alabama, but does he have the authority to do this? WBHM’s Esther Ciammachilli talks with Kyle Whitmire, state political colmnist for the The Birmingham News and

Kyle Whitimire: Could gambling become legal in Alabama?

Gov. Bentley wants to take authority to enforce Alabama’s gambling laws away from Attorney General Luther Strange and vest that power in local sheriffs and district attorneys. And, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill goes on a voter registration drive. Kyle Whitmire is state political columnist for The Birmingham News and and he spoke […]

Artur Davis files suit against AL Democratic Party

A judge will hear arguments on former congressmen Artur Davis’ lawsuit against the Alabama Democratic Party; the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency reopens some satellite driver’s license offices; and an update on Alabama keeping open money losing, state run liquor stores.  Kyle Whitmire is state political columnist for The Birmingham News and, he spoke with […]

Alabama Keeps Money-Losing Liquor Stores Open

A Perry County Judge tells offenders they can either pay their fine or give blood. And Alabama closes driver’s license offices, but keeps money-losing liquor stores open.  Kyle Whitmire is the state political columnist for The Birmingham News and AL dot com, and he talks about these issues with WBHM’s Michael Krall.

Should Larry Langford Go Free?

The former Birmingham Mayor remains in jail serving a 15 year sentence.  And Governor Bentley proposes a possible solution to reopen 31 rural driver’s license offices.Kyle Whitmire is the state political columnist for The Birmingham News and AL dot com, he talks with WBHM’s Michael Krall.

Getting a Driver’s License in Alabama’s Black Belt is Difficult

The closure of 31 driver’s license office leaves 28 counties in Alabama without a place you can get a driver’s license.  The closings, all in mostly poor rural counties, many of them with majority African-American populations has some saying the state is making it more difficult for black Alabamians to vote. Kyle Whitmire is he state […]

What Ever Happened to Artur Davis?

What ever happened to former Congressman Artur Davis? Once seen as a rising star in the Democratic party, he’s now struggling to get back to the Democratic party itself, after briefly defecting to the Republican party. Also, is the Alabama Ethics Commission relevant anymore? WBHM’s Michael Krall talked about all this with Kyle Whitmire, state political columnist […]

Education Budget Cuts, Cigarette Tax, and Winners and Losers

The second special session of the Alabama Legislature could soon be in the books with a combination of cuts to the education budget and a cigarette tax. That combination avoids some funding cuts to state agencies —  Medicaid, corrections, mental health, human resources and the court system are all expected to be level funded. But […]

Kyle Whitmire Draws Parallels from Special Sessions in 1975

One special session of the Alabama legislature is in the books, another is looming. That’s because the lawmakers were unable to agree on how to fund the state’s $200 million dollar shortfall in the General Fund. Kyle Whitmire is the state political columnist for The Birmingham News and, and he talks about this issue and […]