On the Bright Side


The news can be very heavy right now, and it’s easy to get caught up in all the bad that’s happening. But there’s actually a lot of good happening all around us. “On the Bright Side” is our way of featuring all the good things that have come out of this pandemic — random acts of kindness you’ve witnessed or been a part of, moments of grace, the silver linings.

And we need you to help us find them! Send us your stories. Each submission should be around 250-300 characters (about the length of a Tweet); you’ll be credited with your first name, last initial, and your city; and pictures are not necessary, but if you have one please send it.

Email your bright side moments directly Audrey Atkins at [email protected]. We’ll be updating this page regularly as we receive contributions, so check back often. We can’t promise that every single one will get used, but we want to know what’s stood out to you as a positive moment in your life during COVID-19.

Together, let’s keep looking on the bright side.