The last solar eclipse of the year happens today

The final solar eclipse of the year will be visible today, on Oct. 25. It will be visible across Europe, western Asia and northeastern Africa and the Middle East, according to NASA.

It will be a partial eclipse, in which the moon is not perfectly aligned with the Earth and the sun, so it will not completely cover the sun. The display of the phenomenon will peak at 11 a.m. coordinated universal time (UTC).

How to see the eclipse

To safely view the eclipse, a person needs a special pair of eclipse viewing glasses or solar viewing glasses. Sunglasses do not count. And never directly look at the sun during an eclipse.

If you don’t have the correct glasses, you can create a mini projector to reflect the image of the eclipse onto a flat surface.

The next solar eclipse is April 20, 2023, but it will not be visible in North America. The next time a solar eclipse will be seen in the U.S. is on Oct. 14, 2023, NASA said.

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