Trump Announces Commission To Promote ‘Patriotic Education’

President Trump says he wants a commission to promote what he calls "patriotic education" — a slam against efforts to teach children about systemic racism and an appeal to his political base.

Students Accused Of Breaking College COVID-19 Rules Fight Their Punishments

As colleges crack down on students accused of violating strict pandemic safety rules, students are lawyering up to fight their punishments.

Retread Congressional Candidate: A Liability Or An Asset For The Party?

NPR's Sacha Pfeiffer talks with elections analyst Nathan Gonzales about how both political parties are relying on congressional candidates who have lost before and why that strategy may lead to wins.

Presidential Campaigns Prepare For Potential Election Result Delay

The 2000 election remained undecided for more than a month. NPR discusses how the presidential campaigns are gearing up for potential legal challenges to this year's election results.

Betsy DeVos Says Students Will Need To Take Federal Standardized Tests This Year

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told school districts they should expect to meet federal standardized testing requirements this school year. Many civil rights groups agree with her.

Cleanup Is Underway On Gulf Coast After Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally left plenty of damage when it hit Alabama on Wednesday. Now, as floodwaters begin to recede, people are trying to pick through the debris and clean up what the storm left behind.

Barr Criticizes Prosecutors, Makes Incendiary Comments On Slavery And Pandemic

At a Constitution Day celebration Wednesday night, Attorney General William Barr blasted prosecutors and called a nationwide pandemic lockdown proposal the worst civil rights intrusion since slavery.

Mexico Records The Highest Number Of Health Care Worker Deaths From COVID-19

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 1,000 health care workers in Mexico, making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world for doctors and nurses to fight the coronavirus.

2 Chicagoans On Struggling To Make Ends Meet During The Pandemic

Serious financial problems have disproportionately impacted people of color during the pandemic, according to a new NPR poll. NPR follows two Chicago residents who are struggling to make ends meet.

California Is Considering Affirmative Action In Public Colleges

California is considering allowing affirmative action in public universities again. Ahead of a referendum, the debate has raged over whether it has affected Black and Latino students' enrolment.

Doctors See An Uptick In Teeth Issues During The Pandemic

The pandemic is wreaking havoc with people's stress levels. Some are taking it out — unwittingly — on their teeth. Experts say they have seen all kinds of tooth damage since the lockdown started.

Rabbis Look For Inspiration In Sermons From Time Of 1918 Pandemic Amid High Holidays

As the Jewish High Holidays approach this weekend, some rabbis have requested sermons from the time of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic for inspiration as to what they will say.

Technologies To Warn The Public About Danger Are Helpful, But Not Perfect Yet

When Paradise, Calif., burned in 2018, some people died for lack of timely notice of imminent danger. Apps and systems to warn the public have advanced since, but they're still not perfect.

Colorado Sues Postal Service For Alleged Misinformation In Flyers On Mail-In Voting

Colorado sued the U.S. Postal Service for sending voters a nationally distributed flyer that reportedly includes misinformation on mail-in voting. A judge has issued a restraining order.

Court Order Keeps Census In Limbo As Counting End Date Looms

After the Trump administration missed a filing deadline for court documents, a judge has ordered the wrap-up of the census to remain on hold, throwing door-knocking efforts further into uncertainty.

As Pandemic Stretches On, Revealing Possible Exposure Can Be Costly To Workers

COVID-19 is still spreading in many communities. Test results can be slow. And quarantines are often unpaid. This leaves workers with tough decisions about what to disclose and when to stay home.

Sally Brings ‘Widespread’ Flash Floods To Inland Areas After Causing Havoc On Coast

"Widespread flash flooding and minor to moderate river flooding is likely" in parts of Georgia and South Carolina, forecasters say. They're tracking a new potential storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

President Trump Contradicts Head Of CDC Regarding Vaccine, Masks

Trump says a COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by the end of 2020. At the same time, the top communications official at Health and Human Services is going on leave after comments he made on Facebook.

Hurricane Sally Hit Gulf Shores, Ala., With 25 Inches Of Rain

NPR's David Greene talks to meteorologist Marshall Shepherd, professor of Geography and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Georgia, about Hurricane Sally's tremendous amount of rain.

Daughter’s Tweet Helps Boost Sales For Her Dad’s Taco Truck In Texas

Pandemic business was so bad that Elias Aviles had only sold $6 of food that day. But the next morning when he got to his truck, there was already a line. People had seen Giselle Aviles' tweet.

‘I’m Only 1 Person’: Teachers Feel Torn Between Their Students And Their Own Kids

Educators around the U.S. told us they're facing heartbreaking choices between the needs of their students and the needs of their own children.

McDonald’s Runs Low On Ingredients For Travis Scott Quarter Pounder

The fast food chain's Travis Scott meal is just a Quarter Pounder with the rapper's favorites: cheese, bacon, lettuce, fries, BBQ sauce and a Sprite. The cost is $6.

Millions Of Gig Workers Depend On New Unemployment Program, But Fear It’ll End Soon

Gig workers are now relying on a safety net program that didn't even exist six months ago. It provides unemployment benefits to the growing number who don't have a traditional payroll job.

High Schoolers Cross State Lines For An Opportunity To Play Football

Seeking potential college scholarships, some high school football players are moving to states that are playing the game because their local school boards have banned play due to the pandemic.

‘Scientific American’ Breaks 175 Years Of Tradition, Endorses A Presidential Nominee

Laura Helmuth of Scientific American says the decision to break tradition was both unanimous and quick: "We took this decision very seriously. You don't give up 175 years of tradition for nothing."

Why More Shofar Blowers Are Needed To Celebrate Jewish New Year

To help people celebrate a socially distanced Jewish New Year, there are free courses in Israel teaching how to blow the shofar — the ritual ram or antelope horn.

Swiss Referendum Considers Canceling Freedom Of Movement With EU

Switzerland will vote this month on whether to end freedom of movement with the European Union. If it passes, it could destroy the country's close relationship with the EU.

Sally Downgraded To A Tropical Storm But Still Producing Major Rainfall

Residents and officials in Gulf Shores, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla., are taking stock after Hurricane Sally. The storm brought a tremendous amount of rain with it — causing extreme flooding conditions.

How Democrat Joe Biden’s Catholic Faith Shaped His Life, Politics

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's faith is central to how he sees the world. How does his Catholicism affect his politcs?

Yusuf Revisits ‘Tea For The Tillerman,’ His Landmark Album As Cat Stevens

Known as Yusuf since becoming a Muslim in the late '70s, the man who was Cat Stevens discusses Tea for the Tillerman 2, a reimagining of his now-50-year-old masterpiece.

Hundreds Rescued In Pensacola After Catastrophic Flooding

In Florida, the area around Pensacola is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sally. Forecasters say the storm surge was the third worst ever to hit the city.

Wis. Law Requires Investigation Before Officer Can Be Charged In Shooting

It's almost a month since Jacob Blake was shot by a police officer in Kenosha, Wis. As the community seeks answers, the officer has not yet been charged with a crime.