Airbnb will let its employees live and work anywhere

Many people who could work remotely began doing so from Airbnbs during the pandemic.

Now the home-sharing company itself will shift to a remote work model, allowing its employees to be located anywhere in the country they currently work in, CEO Brian Chesky says.

The plan also allows workers to travel and work around the world, and includes some in-person gatherings.

“… The world is becoming more flexible about where people can work,” Chesky wrote in a letter to employees Thursday. “We wouldn’t have recovered so quickly from the pandemic had it not been for millions of people working from Airbnbs.”

The company closed its offices due to the pandemic, and many employees began working from home. Beyond the company’s staff, millions around the world began working from Airbnbs. During the second half of 2021, 20% of nights booked on Airbnb were for stays longer than a month, Chesky wrote.

Compensation won’t change for those Airbnb employees who choose to move. Starting in June, the company will have single pay tiers by country. Employees moving from a lower location-based tier will see increases.

In September, employees will be allowed to live and work in more than 170 countries for up to 90 days per location.

The change also means the company will recruit from a larger talent pool beyond an office’s commuting radius. “And by recruiting from a diverse set of communities, we will become a more diverse company,” Chesky wrote.

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