A new Banksy mural adorns a destroyed building in Ukraine

Anonymous graffiti artist Banksy, who is known for sending political messages, has revealed a new mural on a building destroyed by shelling in Ukraine.

Banksy’s work, which the artist posted on Instagram Friday to 11.2 million followers, features a gymnast balancing on a pile of rubble with her hands. The Instagram post is captioned “Borodyanka, Ukraine.”

Russian forces invaded Borodyanka, about 30 miles northwest of Kyiv, earlier this year, and Ukrainian officials said they deliberately bombed civilian areas. Burned cars, collapsed buildings, and power lines splayed on the ground in the area after Russia withdrew, NPR reported from the town in April.

Other new murals with a similar style have been spotted in the area and are suspected to have been created by Banksy, but the British artist has not publicly claimed credit.

One shows two children using a metal tank trap as a seesaw and another features a young boy flipping over a large man in a judo match. Some have speculated the man might represent Russian leader Vladimir Putin, known to be a martial arts fan. Earlier this year, World Taekwondo withdrew Putin’s honorary black belt after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Another mural in Irpin, about 15 miles northwest of Kyiv, depicts a young rhythmic gymnast balancing on a hole in the side of a building, waving a ribbon in the air.

Ukraine scored a military win on Friday after Russia withdrew all its troops from Kherson, Ukraine. Ukrainian troops have retaken the city, and Ukrainians have reportedly hoisted Ukrainian flags atop buildings and torn down Russian billboard signs.

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