UAB Medicine Institutes Tobacco-Free Policy

UAB Medicine is instituting a new tobacco-free hiring policy. Starting July 1, 2013, all new hires will have to be tobacco abstainers -- no smoking, sucking/dipping, chewing or snuffing any tobacco product.

Alabama Eyes Homeowners Insurance Reform

As the Northeast begins to rebuild after SuperStorm Sandy, many Alabamians probably can't help but think: been there, done that. From Hurricane Katrina to last year's deadly tornadoes, the state has taken a beating. So has the insurance agency.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

As Jefferson County's bankruptcy enters year two, we're beginning to see how customers' sewer rates could change. We have details in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

The Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport may have the word "international" in its title, but you can't fly directly oversees from the city. But a $200 million dollar expansion now underway opens the possibility of nonstop direct international flights. Birmingham Business Journal editor Cindy Crawford explains in this week's Magic City Marketplace.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

Developers have been eying property around the new Birmingham Baron's baseball park. But some developers say growth there is slow because properties are overpriced. We hear more in today's Magic City Marketplace.

First Black Member of U.S. Federal Reserve Dies

“If, as Booker T. Washington asserted, a man should be judged by the obstacles he had to overcome in life, then Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer was indeed a giant and his lifetime accomplishments should continue to be an inspiration to future generations.”

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

Governor Robert Bentley made headlines last week when he announced he wouldn't implement part of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. But the governor has actually delayed additional portions of the law. We hear details in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Rev. Al Sharpton To Protest Cooper Green Closure

The Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to appear at a rally protesting the closure of Cooper Green Mercy Hospital's inpatient care unit. Critics say poor patients will be denied treatment at other local hospitals.

Issues & Ales: the Future of Journalism

It was standing room only at Thursday night's Issues & Ales event at Cantina at Pepper Place as a crowd. The topic: The rapid changes not only in print journalism, but in technology, social media and other mediums. What's the future of journalism in North Central Alabama? Click here to find out!

John Archibald on Changes at Birmingham News

The Birmingham News shifted to three day a week print editions this week and public reaction has been mixed, though largely negative, on social media sites. John Archibald discusses what the change means for news reporters and consumers and addresses other thorny issues like the status of Cooper Green Mercy Hospital.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

State regulators have given the go ahead for two Birmingham hospitals to build freestanding emergency rooms. But how the projects will proceed is unclear. That's because plans call for two nearly identical facilities to be built across from each other in Hoover. We have details in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Alabama’s High Gender Wage Gap

A new analysis of U.S. Census data finds that Alabama has one of the largest gender wage gaps in the country. In 2011, the typical working woman in Alabama was paid only 74.2 cents for every dollar the average man made.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

BBVA Compass is one of the area's largest private employers and a bank which can point to some positive movement through the recession. The company's CEO spoke recently to the Birmingham Business Journal and we hear about that conversation in today's Magic City Marketplace.

September 20 News

Hoover could get three free-standing emergency departments and infant mortality rate is at an all-time low in Alabama, but the news isn't all good.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

The issue of freestanding emergency rooms in Alabama has been mired in confusion, but a pair of Birmingham area hospitals are forcing the issue before state regulators this week. We find some clarity in today's Magic City Marketplace.

The Rise and Decline of the Redneck Riviera

The beaches that run from Mobile Bay to Panama City are some of the most beautiful in the world. Prior to World War Two they were sparsely populated and undeveloped. But that began to change after the war when the beach became a tourist destination.

September 13 News

New numbers show poverty is down slightly in Alabama, but median income still lags national average. Also, efforts to reopen Alabama's oldest licensed abortion clinic are dealt a blow.

Andrew Yeager to Deliver Keynote Address at Samford Univ.

WBHM Host/Reporter Andrew Yeager will talk to high school students about the future of journalism at a workshop Thursday at Samford University.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

As construction on the new baseball park moves along in downtown Birmingham, developers are eyeing the area for new projects. We hear what might be on the way in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

Milo's Famous Tea is practically iconic in Birmingham, but the restaurants of the same name are moving to drop the drink from their menus. We have details in today's Magic City Marketplace.

New Panels for Storm Shelters

Alabama has escaped the brunt of Hurricane Isaac, but the storm does serve as a reminder that severe weather can bring danger and even death. So researchers at UAB are developing new building materials intended to create safer storm shelters. Recently a high-tech panel they created passed the National Storm Shelter Association’s tornado threat test, a key step to making such panels commercially viable. WBHM intern Will Dahlberg spoke with the project’s leader, Dr. Uday Vaidya, who says the material in these panels in rather unique.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

Many people outside of the healthcare industry probably haven't heard of the certificate of need process. However, the certificate of need board has a powerful hand in what hospitals can and can't do. Some say too much power. We hear more in today's Magic City Marketplace.

The New Children’s of Alabama

Doctors, staff and patients are getting used to their new digs, now that the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children is open for business. CEO Mike Warren says thanks to careful planning, the move to the building earlier this month went very well. So with Childen's of Alabama in its new home, WBHM Intern Aditi Jani spoke with Warren about how the facility positions the hospital for the future.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

A recent ruling blocking Trinity Medical Center from moving to the U.S 280 corridor could set a bad precedent according to some industry observers. We hear more in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

One of Birmingham's oldest skyscrapers appears on its way to becoming a new downtown hotel. We have details in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Kids Count Data Mixed Bag for Alabama

The annual Kids Count data book is out and it carries mixed news for Alabama’s youngest residents. Overall, the state ranked 45th for child well-being, with nearly a third of kids living in poverty in 2010.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

A luxury motorcycle maker is relocating to Birmingham's Lakeview district. We've got details in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Lessons of the Little River Canyon Center

On a high plateau in rural northeast Alabama, there's a multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art education complex. Campus, museum, community center, and event spot, Jacksonville State University's Little River Canyon Center is becoming a destination for students, tourists, and regular local people. How this unlikely place came to be is a twenty-year story of politics, money, celebrity, and inspiration. But for this first of two reports, WBHM's Southern Education Desk reporter Dan Carsen focuses on what people are learning there now:

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

Students have been racking up debt to pay for college, but Alabama public universities are seeing their debts rise as well. We explain why in today's Magic City Marketplace.

Carsen and Ott on All Things Alabama Education

We've had a short break from Birmingham Board of Education fireworks, but that doesn't mean that story or the Alabama education beat has slowed down at all. In this week's Edu-Chat, WBHM's Tanya Ott inverviews Southern Education Desk reporter Dan Carsen on No Child Left Behind, the Education Trust Fund, local kids in China, and "meatless meetings."

John Archibald on Airbus Facility in Alabama

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is in Europe this week trying to drum up business for Alabama. The move comes after Airbus announced it will build its first ever U.S. manufacturing facilities in Mobile. John says Alabama is attractive to foreign businesses for a number of reasons, all of which may not be good for Alabamians.

Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

While many businesses have struggled through the recession and recovery. That's not the case for gun retailer. We hear about why in this week's Magic City Marketplace.