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Hoover School Board Approves Rezoning Plan

The Hoover City Schools has been trying for more than two years to come up with a rezoning plan that addresses growth and changing demographics while also passing muster with federal authorities. The school board approved the plan Monday night and hopes it makes the gr

Hoover School Board Could Approve Rezoning Proposal Monday Evening

On Monday, March 7, the Hoover School Board will vote on a rezoning plan that redistributes about 2,200 Hoover students to different schools. WBHM's Sherrel Wheeler Stewart talked to Hoover Sun reporter Jon Anderson about the rezoning proposal, submitted by Superintendent Kathy Murphy.

Grading Teachers on Student Test Scores? Trisha Crain on “PREP Act”

Should educators be evaluated partly on student test scores? Should it take five years rather than three for teachers to get tenure? If State Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh’s “Preparing and Rewarding Educational Professionals (PREP) Act” becomes law, those changes and more are coming to Alabama’s schools. So WBHM’s Dan Carsen talks with Alabama School […]

Dr. Tommy Bice, State Schools Chief, Announces Retirement

Dr. Tommy Bice, Superintendent of the Alabama State Department of Education, today announced his retirement, set to go into effect at the end of this month.

Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: Student Incentives in Alabama

Given thousands of related job openings but only hundreds of computer science college graduates, Alabama is trying to ramp up its computer science education. That includes a new policy allowing those classes to count toward core math graduation requirements. WBHM's Dan Carsen concludes the Southern Education Desk series "Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South" with a visit to a Birmingham-area class that's leading the way.

Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: Coding as a Foreign Language Credit

Computer coders have found a champion in Florida Senator Jeremy Ring. Ring, a former Yahoo! executive who helped build the company, believes coding and technology is an art, rather than a science. He wants to attract more students to STEM studies. As part of the Southern Education Desk series, Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South, Lynn Hatter of WFSU reports on Ring’s proposal to allow Florida students to choose coding in order to fulfill a foreign language requirement for college.

Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: A Look Across the Region

Over the next ten years, the number of jobs in science, technology, engineering and math fields are expected to outpace other industries by about five to ten percent. That’s according to the group Change the Equation, an organization that pushes for greater STEM education in schools. Yet, throughout the South, particularly in rural and high poverty communities, administrators have trouble attracting educators qualified to teach STEM.

Birmingham-Area Schools Account for One-Third of State’s “Failing” List

“These assessments are not the only indicator of success for a school. If you look at schools, I’m sure you’ll see what some are doing to make it better,” Malissa Valdes-Hubert, Alabama State Department of Education spokesperson.

Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. Tells Students to “Use That Vote as a Weapon”

The Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., visited Birmingham this morning to talk to local community leaders and students about empowerment and the importance of being civic minded. Jackson was keynote speaker at Wenonah High School’s 13th Annual Unity Breakfast. He urged the crowd to follow the political process and register to vote.

Report: Mountain Brook, Ramsay Highs Send 92, 93 Percent of Students to Higher Ed

Mountain Brook High School and Birmingham’s Ramsay High School send the largest percentages of graduates on to higher education in the Birmingham-metro area, according to data presented recently by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama.

Wintry Weather Delays Schools

Due to the potential of snow and icy conditions across northern portions of Alabama, a number of school districts have delayed starts on Tuesday, February 9

Hoover Schools Unveil New Zoning Plan, Schedule Meetings For Parent Feedback

Parents will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed plan at four smaller meetings throughout the district this month.

Reborn UAB Has Something to Celebrate This Signing Day

The UAB Blazers will have just as much to celebrate on Wednesday as all the programs collecting five-star recruits and gaudy national rankings. The Blazers are back in the recruiting business, and in a big way. UAB, which had eliminated football, might end up with a class of up to 45 players by the end of the annual signing day. Coach Bill Clark and his staff are rebuilding almost from scratch.

Streamlining Emergency Response in Area Schools

Most Alabamians remember “snowmageddon.” Two years ago today, January 28, this winter anomaly crippled much of the state, stranding hundreds of students in schools and even on buses overnight. That got children’s advocates thinking about better ways to respond to emergencies including those with the Children's Policy Council of Jefferson County.

Matters of Choice: Race, Economics and Choice in North Carolina

In North Carolina, students get their choice of charter schools, but those schools are increasingly divided by race. In this southern state where some of the nation’s most noted school desegregation battles were waged, a recent Duke University study shows that many schools are either predominantly white or predominantly minority. Efforts are being made, however, to change that trend.

UAB Athletics Hits Another Fundraising Milestone

UAB Athletics announced yesterday that they exceeded a second crucial fundraising mark in the Finish the Drive campaign.

Matters of Choice: Florida — A Hot Spot for School Choice

While many ideas may have originated in other states, Florida has adopted them and created a massive alternative system. WFSU-FM’s Lynn Hatter takes a look at the decades-long movement that is school choice in Florida, one of the nation’s hot spots for school choice programs, as part of the Southern Education Desk's series, "Matters of Choice."

Matters of Choice: New Orleans – The Choice Epicenter

Most Southern states allow for some form of school choice – magnet schools, vouchers for private schools, charter schools and more. How do these options affect learning, school demographics, and student success? We explore Matters of Choice beginning with this report from WWNO’s Mallory Falk in New Orleans.

More Computer Education Training Coming For Alabama Teachers

Alabama school teachers will get more opportunities to train as computer science teachers through an expanded partnership with At College Ready, the Alabama State Department of Education and

Charter Schools Expected to Open in Alabama in 2017

Charter schools are expected to open in Alabama in 2017.

Alabama Students Want More Sex Education

Alabama has a sexually transmitted disease problem. The most recent numbers from the Centers for Disease Control show higher than average, and, in some cases, rising STD infection rates.

Trisha Powell Crain on Top Education Stories of 2015

This year has been extremely busy on the Alabama education beat: a study commissioned by the state education department itself called school funding inadequate and unequal; state Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh floated a draft bill that could, among other seismic shifts, tie teacher pay to student test results; and, as Alabama School Connection’s Trisha […]

Sociologists’ Book Urges End of Sex Division in Sports

Can you imagine a world with no gender divisions in sports? University of Alabama at Birmingham sociologist Adrienne Milner can. Not only that — she wants to help make it happen. Along with University of Miami professor Dr. Jomills Henry Braddock II, she’s written a new book called “Sex Segregation in Sports: Why Separate Is Not […]

Teaching Tough Topics: NPT Reports

What should school children be taught about Islam, the Confederacy and other topics that are sensitive to some in our society? NPT Reports looks at how curriculum standards are set in Tennessee and why state officials are implementing new procedures to address public concerns as part of the Southern Education Desk's series, "Teaching Tough Topics."

What Expanded Gambling Could Mean for Alabama

State lawmakers took three legislative sessions to craft a bare-bones budget this year. Next year’s budget picture isn’t any rosier so calls are increasing for Alabama to expand gambling or start a lottery. Such a move would certainly mean revenue for the state, but just as with a roll of the dice, there’s risk. We start with that in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

UAB Student, Iraq Vet Hopes to Help Feed Black Belt with Aquaponics

Ramon Jeter was raised by a single mother on the west side of Birmingham. Right out of Ramsay High School he joined the Navy. He eventually served as a field medic in Iraq. Now the married new father is studying public health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and he’s been accepted to Clinton […]

Teaching Tough Topics: Teaching Beyond The Test

Civil Rights, Voter ID laws, Felon Rights. These topics aren’t foreign for teachers and students in Southern classrooms. But what happens when pressure to teach to the test prevents challenging conversations?

Teaching Tough Topics: Teaching Civil War History In Mississippi As Symbols Fall

In Mississippi, the Civil War still stirs emotions. It’s not so much that teachers disagree on how it should be taught, but that ongoing attempts by the University of Mississippi and several cities across the South to shed Confederate symbols have called up old ghosts. Sandra Knispel reports for the Southern Education Desk.

Marco Rubio Makes First Campaign Stop in Alabama

Florida Senator Marco Rubio made his first Alabama campaign stop in Guntersville yesterday. Despite heavy rain, more than 800 people crowded into a gymnasium to hear what the presidential hopeful had to say.

Teaching Tough Topics: Textbook Fight Riles Tennessee

What should school children be taught about Islam? In Florida and North Carolina, parents claim students are being "indoctrinated" with a sanitized version of the Muslim faith. One of the fiercest fights so far is happening right now in Tennessee. As Chas Sisk of WPLN reports for the Southern Education Desk, it could reveal the playbook for future battles.

Teaching Tough Topics: The South’s Real History

Teaching subjects that trigger strong emotions and political divides is challenging. In the South, many of those fault-lines — racial, religious and otherwise — are intimately tied to its history. This week the Southern Education Desk is exploring how teachers tackle tough topics. WBHM’s Dan Carsen starts with an overview of some the major challenges, and […]

University of Alabama Student Government Association President Talks About Diversity

Elliot Spillers, who is black, talks with Sherrel Wheeler Stewart about the announcement of the hiring of a chief diversity officer & culture at Alabama.