Alternative Events Planned To Recognize Birmingham Native Angela Davis

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DeJuana Thompson and retired Judge U.W. Clemon discuss alternative plans to honor Angela Davis in Birmingham on February 16, 2019.

Sherrel Wheeler Stewart,WBHM 90.3 FM

Wednesday brought several developments in the controversy over the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute’s decision to rescind an award it planned to offer to noted scholar, activist and Birmingham native Angela Davis.

The top three leaders on the Institute’s board resigned. Also a multi-generational group reactivated the Birmingham Committee for Truth and Reconciliation and announced plans for alternative events to honor Davis in February.

WBHM’s Sherrel Wheeler Stewart discusses those developments with All Things Considered Host Janae Pierre.

Civil Rights Institute Grapples With Fallout From Davis Decision

A few weeks from now, political activist Angela Davis is expected to speak in Birmingham. This despite that earlier this month, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute rescinded an award it initially planned to give to Davis. The decision roiled the city, sowed divisions, and led to the resignation of three board members.