Alabama Legislature Considers an Abortion Ban and Prison Reforms

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Alabama wants to enact a strict abortion ban. Lawmakers proposed legislation earlier this week that would make abortions at any stage of pregnancy a felony, unless the mother’s health is at risk. But first, the state’s prisons are in turmoil. The Department of Justice this week issued a blistering report on violent and deadly conditions in Alabama’s prisons. Now the state has a deadline to act. WBHM’s Gigi Douban checked in with Don Dailey, host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal, for a look at reaction from lawmakers.

New Exhibit Features Artwork From Alabama Inmates

The issues around Alabama’s troubled prison system are complex, but a new exhibit featuring artwork by Alabama inmates hopes to generate a different conversation.

Construction, Welding, GED: The Impact Of Prison Education

Across Alabama, state inmates are getting GED certificates, learning to fix cars, and even how to code. As Alabama faces mounting pressure to reform its prison system, many state leaders want to increase funding for these educational programs.

Study: Diversion Programs Work – When They Don’t Sabotage Participants

There are many alternatives to prison including drug courts, veterans courts and community corrections. But a new report says in many cases these alternatives hinder rather than help those they are supposed to serve.

Possible Focus on Inmate Education, DOC Oversight in 2020 Session

The 2020 legislative session begins Tuesday and prisons are at the top of the agenda. Lawmakers are likely to consider proposals presented last week by Governor Kay Ivey’s Study Group on Criminal Justice Policy.

Prisons Officials Request $42 Million Increase to Hire Staff, Improve Healthcare

Prisons will be a top issue in the upcoming legislative session. The state Department of Corrections presented its budget request Thursday, along with the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles.