Some Schools Closing Early Ahead of Predicted Severe Weather

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With severe weather including tornadoes and large hail in the forecast for much of Alabama today, Monday, March 19, some area schools systems have announced early closings. We’ll update this list as more information comes in:

Altamont School: Closing at 1 pm

ARC of Jefferson County: Closing at 2 pm

Attalla City Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Banks Academy: Closing at noon

Bessemer City Schools: Elementary/middle closing at 11:30 am; high school closing at noon

Bevill State Community College: Closing at 12:15 pm

Bibb County Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Birmingham City Schools (and Birmingham City Hall and Municipal Court): Closing at noon

Blount County Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Calhoun County: Closing at 12:45 pm

Chilton County Schools: Closing at 12:30 pm

Coosa County Schools: Closing at noon

Cornerstone School of Alabama: Closing at noon

Creative Montessori School (Homewood): Closing at 3:15. Carpool will run between 2:45 and 3:10 for Primary and Elementary. All aftercare activities are cancelled.

Cullman City Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Cullman County Schools: Closing at noon

Etowah County Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Fairfield City Schools: Elementary closing at noon; middle and high school closing at 12:30 pm

Fayette Christian Academy: Closing at noon

Gadsden City Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Gadsden State Community College, all campuses: Closing at 1 pm

Homewood City Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Hoover City Schools: Elementary and intermediate schools, closing at noon; middle and high schools, closing at 12:30 pm. All afternoon and evening activities are cancelled.

Jasper City Schools: Closing at noon

Jefferson County Schools: Closing at 12:30 today. Buses will dismiss at 12:30. All after-school activities and daycares cancelled.  Local school employees will be dismissed once students have left campus. Central office staff will be dismissed at 12:45.

Jefferson State Community Colleges, all campuses: Closing at 1 pm

Midfield City Schools: Elementary and middle school, closing 11:30 am; high school closing at noon

Mountain Brook City Schools: Closing at 1 pm

Pelham City Schools: Closing at 12:30

Pell City Schools: Closing at noon

Pickens County Schools: Closing at noon

Shelby County Schools: Closing at 12:30

St. Clair County Schools: Closing at noon

Sumiton Christian School: Closing at noon

Talladega City Schools: Closing at noon

Tarrant City Schools: Closing at noon

UAB: Classes and university events and activities starting at or after 5 pm are cancelled. No Health System/HSF/Hospital/Clinic schedules will change. Non-medical UAB campus business operations will close at 5 pm. According to UAB, “The weather threat is anticipated to pass by 2 a.m. Normal business operations and class schedules will resume after 2 a.m. Tuesday.”

Vestavia Hills City Schools: Elementary and middles schools closing two hours early; high school closing at 1:15. All after-school and extended-day activities are canceled.

Walker County Schools: Closing at noon

Wallace State College — Hanceville: Closing at 1 pm

Wallace State Community College — Oneonta: Closing at 1 pm

Winfield City Schools: Closing at noon

Winston County Schools: Closing at noon


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