Former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford Released Early From Prison

Andre Natta, Flickr

While serving as mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford was convicted of public corruption and taking bribes of $235,000.

An attorney for former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford says he will be released from prison after years of being sick.

Langford was serving a 15-year sentence at a federal prison in Kentucky after being convicted of public corruption and taking bribes of $235,000.

The former mayor has been sick with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and and emphysema. In November, the Federal Bureau of Prisons denied him a request for compassionate release noting “his release at this time would minimize the severity of his offense and pose a danger to the safety of the community.”

On Christmas Eve, Langford’s attorney, Tiffany Johnson Cole, said he was in critical condition and was not expected to last through the week. Since then, residents have spoken out about their support for Langford at a prayer vigil. Langford’s niece also asked TV reality star Kim Kardashian West to intervene as she has done previously for another inmate.

U.S. Attorney Jay Town announced today the decision by the BOP would be overturned.

“After reviewing the information provided by the Bureau of Prisons, it was our judgement that compassionate release and reduction of sentence was appropriate under these limited circumstances,” U.S. Attorney Jay Town said in a statement.

It is unclear when Langford will be released.